Universities That Accept Second Class Lower For Masters

Are you looking for universities in Nigeria that accept second class lower for masters degree? In this post we get to know all the universities that do accept students with a 2.2 (second class lower) degree for masters program.

Graduating with a second class lower especially here in Nigeria do have a lot of negative effects especially in the job market and also when interested in furthering education.

Students that graduate with a 2.2 do seek for ways to cover up the deficit and the best way to that is to go for a masters degree.

This will cover up the deficit in the 2.2 result. The question now is "Are there universities in Nigeria that can accept a second class lower to be used for masters degree admission?" The answer is Yes.

There are many universities in Nigeria that you can study for a masters degree with a 2.2 result.

Can Second Class Lower Graduates Go For Masters Degree

As earlier answer, yes 2.2 graduates can do masters degree in Nigeria and there are a lot of universities that do accept.

Some universities will require students with a 2.2 to go for Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) to be eligible to apply for a masters program.

This does not apply to all universities, we will list out all the universities that accept a 2.2 directly for a masters degree and those that don't.

Universities That Accept Second Class Lower For Masters Degree Admission

Does ATBU Accept Second Class Lower For Masters Degree

Yes, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU) accepts a 2.2 for masters degree admissions.

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