NYSC Award Winning Personal CDS Project Ideas 2024

Your NYSC personal CDS project can open doors for you in the favor and job market.

NYSC Award Winning Personal CDS project ideas for you

A lot of corpers don't really take it serious, the few that understand the importance and opportunities in it put in their best.

Some youth corpers search day and night for personal CDS project ideas awards capable of winning awards and I am sure that's why you are on this page too.

There are three categories of awards for NYSC personal CDS projects. These are the local government award, state government award and federal award.

To win any of these awards, your personal CDS project must be outstanding and unique.

Apart from aiming to receive personal CDS project awards you should also do something that will touch lives, solve problems and make people feel your impact in their community.

We will be listing out top unique personal CDS project ideas capable of winning awards and touching lives.

Award Winning Personal CDS Project Ideas

  • Provision of toilets in rural areas
  • Donation of mosquito nets
  • Donation of table and chairs to schools
  • Donation of books and bags to school pupils
  • Conducting skill acquisition training
  • Organizing health week
  • Renovation of public schools
  • Renovation of primary health centers
  • Traffic control system (eg road signs).
  • Awareness sign boards on health and education
  • Donation of books to libraries
  • Donation of computers
  • Statue of state governor
  • Refuse disposal system
  • Donation of drugs to health centers
  • Drilling of borehole
  • Set up cassava or palm oil processing place for farmers
  • Provision seeds and fertilizer to farmers
  • Free medical tests
  • Help provide free legal support to people (for law graduates)
  • Payment of waec and neco fees for less privilege students
  • Organize school competitions
Above are some of the award winning personal CDS project ideas.

You can tell us your primary assignment or specialty and we can suggest good project ideas for you.

Updated On May 2021.

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