IJMB Result 2024 Is Out: Check It Here

Do you want to know if IJMB result for 2024 is out? If yes then this post is for you. From news gotten from, the IJMB result for 2024 is out.

IJMB Results release

To get your result, contact the university in which you registered and wrote your exam.

You can also check the official IJMB website if the results have been uploaded.

Avoid other IJMB websites because there are many fake IJMB websites out there.

IJMB Results 2024

Note: IJMB results for 2024 is not yet out, immediatly it is out, we will update this page so keep checking back.

JAMB can make someone stay at home for many years, it has really dealt with a lot of people. So instead of applying for jamb only, apply for IJMB too to stand a chance of admission.

Get admission this year into any university of your choice through IJMB Exam(Interim Joint Matriculation Board).

With IJMB Exam you will get admission into 200 level/yr2 in any university of your choice.

IJMB Examination is an A'level(advanced level) that is accepted in all universities in Nigeria for admission into 200level/yr2 to study any course of your choice.

IJMB exam is written in January or February every year and the result is used to gain admission into university the same year.

To pass the interim joint matriculation board exam you have to be well prepared as there is no exam is easy.

Which universities accept IJMB

Most federal universities
Some state universities
Some private universities
Poly don't accept IJMB

Advantages of IJMB over JAMB

Validity of results : JAMB result is valid for only a year while IJMB result does not expire, which means you can always use your IJMB result to gain admission any year you wish to.

With JAMB you get admission into 100level/yr1 while with IJMB you get admission into 200level/yr2

Disadvantages of IJMB

IJMB exam is essay and practical while JAMB is just objective exam.

IJMB exam is paper based while JAMB is computer based

IJMB exam is written for about 3weeks while JAMB is written in just one day.

Nevertheless IJMB still has more advantages.


It is advised to write both JAMB and IJMB exam this year, so that if you don't get admission with JAMB you will get admission through the other.


Only 40% of students who use JAMB get admission into universities

85% of students who use IJMB get admission into universities.

Don't let ignorance or lack of information make you stay at home struggling for admission.

This is not an easy shortcut or stuff like that, to pass the IJMB exam you must study hard.

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