NYSC State Of Deployment Prediction (98% Accuracy)

Do you want an accurate prediction of your NYSC State of deployment? If yes this post is for you.

NYSC State of Deployment Prediction for prospective corps members

Based on our years of experience on the algorithms NYSC use to post prospective corps members to their state of deployment, we can predict accurately predict which state NYSC will certainly post a prospective corp member to.

Our predictions are based on algorithms used by NYSC and we have an accuracy of 98% based on our previous predictions

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NYSC State Of Deployment Prediction

N/B. It is not easy to get posted to Lagos or Abuja due to the high level of competition for the two states. Prospective corpers who get posted usually work it out or by connections. Because of that chances of being posted to Lagos or Abuja is very low.

Drop the following information in the comments box let us accurately predict the state you will be deployed to.
  • State Of Origin
  • State Of Institution
  • Selected States During NYSC Online Registration (arrange from first choice)
Our predictions are based on NYSC deployment algorithms and it always works.

There are sometimes NYSC post prospective corps members to states they did not choose and we don't know the reasons for that.

Drop the information we requested in the comments box and check back in an hour for your prediction.

Chances of getting posted to Lagos State or Abuja is very slim but it can always be worked out.
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  1. Origin :Ebonyi State
    School: Ebonyi State.

    1st choice Lagos
    2nd ". Port harcourt
    3rd ". Abuja
    4th ". Ogun

  2. Origin: Enugu
    School: Enugu state university

    1st choice: River state
    2nd choice: Lagos state
    3rd choice: sokoto
    4th choice: Abuja

  3. 1. Kogi state
    2. Kogi state
    3. Lagos state.

  4. State of origin : Ekiti
    State of institution :Ekiti
    NYSC does not allow you chose state any more