How To Apply For a PhD Abroad In 2024

Getting a PhD abroad can be very challenging if not well planned. PhD programs lasts for about three to four years and a lot of student dropout before the end of their program due to how stressful the program is.

how to apply for a PhD program abroad

Forget about the challenges in getting a PhD abroad, there are a lot of advantages of getting a PhD abroad especially as a Nigerian.

Doing a PhD abroad as a Nigerian will make you contribute internationally in your chosen field, it will make you achieve something significant, it will improve your life and it will also raise your pay scale.

In this post you will get a detailed guide on how to apply for a PhD abroad as a Nigerian.

How To Apply For a PhD Abroad From Nigeria

  • Choose a destination
The first thing you should do is to decide on which country you want to go for your PhD program.

There are many countries abroad that have good and easy and PhD programs so you have to choose a place that you think you will be able to adapt to easily.
  • Decide on which university you want to do your program
This can be a time consuming task. You have to search for universities that are associated with the area of research that you are interested in.

While choosing a university, consider the finance, tuition and scholarships.

Note: You must have good academic scores in your graduate and undergraduate degrees.

Also know that good academic scores alone is not enough, you have to improve your research and project experience.

It is good to have at least two research papers and projects in your field of interest.

You also need to have both national and international publications.
  • Ask for requirements
Contact the university you are interested in and ask for the requirements for their PhD program.

This is very important because the requirements vary across different universities.
  • Prepare for tests
You have to get a GRE score of at least 315 or an IELTS score of 7. This is only necessary if the university you are applying to requires it.
  • Start applying to the university or universities of choice
You have to apply a term in advance. Don’t apply late so that your chances of getting accepted will be high and also apply to more than one university so as to maximize your chances of getting accepted.
  • Seek for assistance
You have to accept that you are still a learner in your field, so always seek for advice and guidance from experienced people.
  • Prepare for funding and finance
You have to prepare on how you will finance your PhD program abroad. Almost all countries and universities do offer scholarships and financial aid for PhD programs.
  • Prepare for interviews
Most universities abroad do request for interviews before being accepted into their PhD programs.
  • Prepare for travel
This should be your last step and it should be when you have been fully accepted into your university of choice.

Visit the immigration website of the country you are going for your program to get the visa requirements and the process of getting it.

How Much Does It Cost To Do a PhD Abroad

It depends on several factors such as your country of choice, school of choice and program of choice.

It cost about $70,000 to do a PhD in the US, UK and Canada.

With as low as $30,000 you can still do a PhD in some European countries.

Also cost of studying abroad depends on the lifestyle of an individual.

There are some countries in Europe you can get a PhD for free.

Most of these countries are not English speaking countries so you have to learn and study in the country's language.

Some of these countries include Sweden, Finland, Germany and Norway.

To get a PhD abroad for free you can also apply for fully sponsored PhD scholarships.

To get and apply for such scholarships, you have to do efficient research for it.

How Long Is a PhD Program Abroad

A PhD program abroad is between three years to five years depending on the program you are doing.

The minimum for any PhD program is two years.

In summary, to successfully apply for a PhD program abroad you need to plan carefully to avoid rejection and frustration and the steps provided in this article will help you achieve that.

We advice you seek the help and advice of people that have already done a PhD program abroad.

The will advice and direct you based on experience.

If you need more help contact us or drop a comment below.

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