Frequently Asked Visa Interview Questions For Nigerians

Many Nigerian visa applicants are not always well prepared for visa interviews and they go and make costly mistakes that make their visa application to be rejected.

In this post we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the questions you will encounter during any visa application interview in Nigeria.
frequently asked visa interview questions

The questions may not be asked exactly as listed here but they will be very similar.

During any visa interview, try to be truthful and sincere because if you try to play smart, you may probably be caught which will result in your visa refusal.

Nigerians are usually rejected visa because they think most Nigerians are criminals so they always conduct interviews in a strict way.

Visa Interview Questions

  1. Do you intend to find a spouse in the country you want to travel to?
  2. Are you travelling alone or with someone
  3. Will you choose another trip or another country if you have the opportunity
  4. Why do you need a 3 months, 6 months,1 year or 2 years visa
  5. Can you show us your bank statement
  6. Are you on any scholarship
  7. Do you have health insurance for the trip
  8. Are you in a relationship
  9. Do you have a job leave or approval
  10. Do you have a child or children
  11. How many children do you have
  12. How old are your children
  13. What do your children do
  14. Do you have any family member or members in the country you are travelling to
  15. Do you know anybody involved in terrorism
  16. Do you know anybody in the university you want to go and study abroad
  17. Do you know the annual income of your children
  18. Do you pay taxes
  19. Do you want to get a masters degree after your undergraduate degree
  20. Do you have grand children
  21. Did you apply to other universities
  22. Did you get admitted to the university you want to go and study in
  23. Have you booked your flight
  24. Have you ever travelled to any other country
  25. How long are you going to stay in the country you are travelling to
  26. How did you know about the university you want to enroll in
  27. Why did you choose the university
  28. Will you return during the valid visa period
  29. How long are you going to stay
  30. How long have you been working in your company
  31. How many siblings do you have
  32. Where do your siblings live
  33. What jobs do your siblings do
  34. How many children do your siblings have
  35. Do you own a business
  36. What kind of business do you run
  37. How many employees do you have
  38. How much do you earn
  39. How much will the journey cost you
  40. How will you spend your time when your relatives leave for work
  41. How much pension do you get
  42. Is this your first time in the country
  43. Is your daughter or in-law pregnant
  44. Is any of your child married
  45. What are your plans after you return
  46. What does your father do
  47. What are your plans after you return
  48. What does your mother do
  49. What do you do in your country of residence
  50. What do you know about the country you are visiting
  51. What do you know about the education in the country you want to visit
  52. What does your company do
  53. What does your child do in the destination you are travelling to
  54. What is the visa status of your child
  55. What is your educational qualification
  56. What is the purpose of your visit
  57. What is your daughter’s birth date
  58. What are your parents birth dates
  59. How much does your partner earn
  60. What is your universities yearly cost
  61. What Property do you have in your home land
  62. What will you do if your visa application is rejected
  63. Will you seek employment in your destination country
  64. When last did you see your child
  65. When will you travel to your destination
  66. Where are you going to stay
  67. When did you finish your undergraduate studies
  68. Which company do your work for
  69. Which countries will you visit from your destination
  70. Who will pay for your trip
  71. Why do you want to travel to your destination when you already have a job
  72. Who lives with you
  73. What do they do
  74. Will you do business in the destination you are travelling to
  75. Will your spouse join you
  76. When are sure you will come back to your home country
  77. Why do you want to visit your destination only at this time
  78. How long will you stay
  79. Do you have any child studying in your travel destination
  80. Where is your child studying
  81. What is your child studying
  82. When did you retire
  83. Do you have a car
  84. How many servants do you have
  85. Who will take care of your house when you are away
  86. Do you have your passport number of hand
  87. How much are you carrying for your trip
  88. Will you marry in your destination if you have the opportunity
  89. Will you work part time in your destination country
  90. What if there is no job
  91. What will you do if you win a jackpot in your destination country
  92. If you are offered a high paying job in your destination country will you accept
  93. Do you know anything about the destination you want to go to
  94. What is the location or city you want to stay inyour destination
  95. Who are you staying with
  96. Do you know any terrorist
  97. Do you take hard drugs
  98. Have you ever been to a mental hospital
  99. Have you ever had immigration issues
  100. Are you homophobic
  101. What is you expectations when travelling
  102. Do you have a blog
  103. Give me your blog address
  104. Do you write controversial articles
  105. Do you have a history of any crime
  106. What crime have you committed
So above are the visa interview questions you will likely encounter in most visa interviews for Nigerians.

Most asked visa interview questions

There are no specific questions we can say are the most asked during visa interviews, all the visa interview questions listed above are what you should expect, nothing more nothing less.

Are visa interview questions usually hard?

Visa interview questions are not hard at all, they are just questions to test how sincere you are about your purpose of visit to a specific country and you should try all your best to just be sincere so that you won't be denied the visa.

The questions above are basically what you will be asked at any visa interview. Don't expect the questions to come directly as written here. Most times the questions are not asked exactly but they might mean the same thing and require the same answers. Just use your initiative in understanding and answering the questions.

Visa interviews are psychological interviews, that is why in some cases fraudsters are granted visas while gentlemen are denied. It is mainly a psychological test.

When you enter the interview room, don't be afraid, be very bold and answer the questions you will be asked with confidence.

If the interviewers notice that you are frightened and afraid, they might deny you the visa because they might think that you have other intentions for intending to visit their country.

Try and be sincere by all means but don't be sincere in everything. This is what i mean, if you are asked of the reason why you want to visit their country, just tell them the truth about your purpose of visit. 

Don't lie because you might be caught, and if you are caught lying then just forget about getting the visa.

Another scenario. If you are asked if you know any criminal, even if you know, you have to deny that you don't know any because if you tell the truth in this kind of scenario, there is nothing that will make them issue you a visa.

So just be wise and bold as you go for any visa interview.

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