Top Companies That Accept Corpers In Lagos State

Are you looking for companies in lagos state that accept corpers? If yes, this post is for you. Read to the end to learn about the top companies you can work for while doing your nysc or youth service in lagos state.
Companies That Accept Corpers In Lagos State

Before you get to know the companies you can apply to during your nysc in lagos state, there are some requirements you must have have before any good company can consider you.

The major requirement that is always needed is a good university result which must be a first class or second class upper. Anyone with any result less than a second class upper will find it difficult to get a high paying nysc job in lagos state.

Other requirements includes being bold and active. Recommendations and connections also help. So to the question of the day, which companies in lagos state accept youth corpers?

Media companies: Media companies such as tv stations, radio stations, newspaper and magazine publishing companies are among the top companies that employ youth corpers in lagos state.

Manufacturing companies also accept corpers. The amount they pay corpers cannot be determined but from testimonials, they pay nysc corpers well in lagos state.

Engineering companies accept mainly corpers that are engineering graduates. These corpers operate heavy machines and equipment and are among the best nysc jobs in lagos state.

Private schools are also good options to consider when serving, the only downside is that they dont have a good salary package especially for corpers.

The companies dont have a definite amount they pay corpers in lagos state, so you should do your personal research on that. Some of the best places to serve are in ikeja because ikeja have a lot of companies that accept corpers.

Hope the article is helpful.

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