QuickCheck Loan App Review and Interest Rate

On this page we will review the QuickCheck loan app. We will discuss if it is legit or scam, the interest rate, the amount someone can borrow, requirements and how to apply for QuickCheck loan and also how to repay QuickCheck loan.

QuickCheck Loan App Review

QuickCheck Loan App Review

QuickCheck is a Nigerian Fintech company that aims to provide banking services to the underserved.

Built by people who work towards solving real-world problems, they found out that a large portion of the Nigerian population has no access to proper banking services. So they are filling this gap every day, one Nigerian at a time.

They want to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and also assist individuals with emergency needs in the form of medical bills, utility bills, family emergencies, and much more. They provide instant loans that allows you to take care of these pressing needs.

Features Of QuickCheck Loan App:
  • Borrow up to ₦200,000
  • Choose your payment tenure
  • Fast and easy access to loans, with no hidden charges
  • Account is credited as soon as the loan is approved
  • No collateral or guarantor needed
  • QuickCheck Loan App is extremely secure and reliable
  • Artificial intelligence is used to run credit scoring, making loan decisions instant!
  • They are available 24/7 to support you

Is QuickCheck Loan App Legit or Scam

QuickCheck loan app is very legit. Rarely are there any complaints about them. They deliver the best service possible to their customers.

Is QuickCheck Loan App Safe

QuickCheck loan app is very safe, reliable and secure. All your information and transactions are protected.

QuickCheck Loan Interest Rate

A QuickCheck loan has interest rates starting from as low as 5% monthly on the first loan.

Loans range from ₦1,500 to ₦500k with terms from 91 days - 1 year. Interest ranges from 2% - 30%, with an equivalent monthly interest rate of 1 - 21%. (APRs from 30% to 260%).

Borrow ₦100,000 over 6 months
Interest rate: 13% p.m. (fixed)
Three repayments of ₦ 25,000
Total amount payable: ₦150,000
Representative: 13% APR

How Much Can I Borrow From QuickCheck Loan App

You can borrow a maximum of 200,000 naira on QuickCheck loan app.

Requirements To Get a Loan From QuickCheck Loan App

  • You must be a Nigerian
  • You must have a source of income
  • You much have a bank account
  • You must have a BVN
  • You must be between the age of 22 and 55

How To Apply For Loan On QuickCheck Loan App

If you live in Nigeria, need quick cash to settle emergencies and have an android device, all you have to do is:
  • Download the loan app for free
  • Sign up to create an account
  • Apply for a collateral-free loan in less than one minute
  • Credit scoring using our algorithm will be carried out (no collateral needed)
  • If eligible, the cash loan will be credited into your account within minutes
  • If you are not eligible, please apply again.

How Long Does It Take QuickCheck Loan App To Give a Loan

It takes less than one minute for your loan application to be approved and processed.

How To Repay QuickCheck Loan

To repay your loan, please log in to your QuickCheck app and follow the instructions. Repay your loans before the due date to improve your credit score, gain access to higher amounts on the loan app, longer tenures and lower interest rates.

QuickCheck Loan Customer Care

To contact QuickCheck customer service, send an email to Support@quickcheck.ng.

You can also reach them on their social media pages: @quickcheckng on Instagram and Twitter, QuickCheck Nigeria on LinkedIn, and QuickCheck on Facebook.

You can also visit our website – www.quickcheck.ng, we would love to hear from you!