iCredit Loan App Review and Interest Rate

On this page we will review the iCredit loan app. We will discuss if it is legit or scam, the interest rate, the amount someone can borrow, requirements and how to apply for iCredit loan and also how to repay iCredit loan.

iCredit Loan App Review

iCredit Loan App Review

iCredit is a loan app that gives out loans ranging from 1000 naira to 50000 naira. They have a flexible repayment period between 91 days to 365 days.

To apply for loan on iCredit you just need to install the app, provide the necessary requirements and if you are qualified for the loan you will be given.

Features Of iCredit Loan:
  • No hidden charges
  • You can borrow up to ₦50,000
  • You can choose your payment flexibly
  • It is secure, reliable, and flexible;
  • We are available 24 hours, every day of the week.

Is iCredit Loan Legit or Scam

iCredit is a legit loan app and it is used by a lot of Nigerians to borrow money when they are broke. iCredit is legit. iCredit is not a scam loan app.

Is iCredit Loan App Safe

Yes, iCredit is very safe as all your data and personal information are protected.

iCredit Loan Interest Rate

iCredit interest ranges from 5% – 36% APR.

Origination fees range from ₦ 1000 - ₦ 6000 one-time charge.

Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) includes interests plus processing fee is 365%.

Minimum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) includes interests plus processing fee is 5%.

If you apply amount ₦ 4,000 with total 91days (45 days 1st installment & 46 days 2nd installment) loan on 22 Mar 2021.

You will get the loan amount ₦ 4,000 on 22 Mar 2021.

The 1st installment due date is 5 May 2021 with amount ₦ 2,000.

Interest ₦ 90 and origination fees ₦ 810, due repayment is 2,000+90+810=₦ 2,900

The 2nd installment due date is 20 Jun 2021 with amount ₦ 2,000, Interest ₦ 46 and origination fees ₦ 414, due repayment is 2,000+46+414=₦ 2,460

The total repayment should be 1st installment due repayment ₦ 2,900 + 2nd installment due repayment ₦ 2,460 = ₦ 5,360.

How Much Can I Borrow From iCredit Loan App

You can borrow between 1000 naira and 50000 naira for iCredit loan.

Requirements To Get a Loan From iCredit Loan App

Below are the requirements to get a loan:
  • Nigeria Resident.
  • 20-55 years old.
  • Source of a monthly income.
  • A functional bank account
  • BVN.

How To Apply For Loan On iCredit Loan App

How to borrow money from iCredit loan app:
  • Install the iCredit APP
  • Register an account
  • Fill out your basic information and submit
  • Receive your loan straight into your bank account
  • Your loan limit will be increase if you repay your loan on time.

How Long Does It Take iCredit Loan App To Give a Loan

It takes minutes to 24 hours to get a loan. It depends on the amount.

How To Repay iCredit Loan

  • Login into the app
  • Go to repay loan
  • Choose the method you want to use to repay
  • Then repay the loan
Minimum Period for Repayment: 91 days,
Maximum Period for Repayment: 365 days

iCredit Loan Customer Care

Email: support@goodicredit.com

Address: 9 Oluwole Omole Street, off Esomo Street off Toyin Street Ikeja. Lagos Ikeja, 100001, Lagos, Nigeria