Best Secondary Schools In Delta State 2024

Are you looking for the best secondary schools in delta state? If yes, this post is for you. Read to the end to know the top secondary schools in delta state.
Best Secondary Schools In Delta State

Best Secondary Schools In Delta State

  • Abbi Girls Secondary School, Abbi.
  • Abbi Grammar School, Abbi.
  • Abraka Grammar School, Abraka
  • Adague Grammar School, Eruemukowharien-Ughelli
  • Access High Schools, Calabar
  • Adadja Secondary School, Emadadja
  • Adaigbo Secondary School, Ogwashi-Uku
  • Adams Memorial Sec School, Araya, Delta State
  • Agbarho Grammer School, Agbarho
  • Agbor Technical College, Agbor
  • Agwai-Ewuru Mixed Secondary School, Agbor
  • Aladja College, Aladja
  • Alderstown Primary School 'A', Warri
  • Alderstown Primary School 'B', Warri
  • Alderstown School for the Deaf, Warri
  • Alegbo College, Effurun
  • Amai (mixed) Secondary Commercial School, Amai
  • Anglican Girls College, Ughelli
  • Anglican Girls Grammar School (Bribina College), Ozoro
  • Anglican Grammar School, Ubulu-Uku
  • Army Day Secondary School, Effurun
  • Asagba Mixed Secondary School, est. 2000
  • Ase Grammar School, Ase, est. 1978
  • Baptist High School, Agbor
  • Baptist High School, Eku
  • Baptist High School, Ororekpe
  • Boys Model Secondary School, onicha olona. est 1991
  • Bright Future Academy, Sapele, Nigeria
  • Bright Future Nursery and Primary Schools Sapele, Nigeria, since 1998
  • Classical International School, Warri.
  • Chude Girls Grammar School, Sapele
  • College of Education Demonstration Secondary School, Warri
  • Community Secondary School, Issele-uku
  • Delta Careers College, Warri
  • Delta State University Secondary School, Abraka
  • Dom Domingos College, Warri
  • Dore Numa College, Warri
  • DSC Technical High School Ovwian Aladja, Orhuwhorun
  • Ebedei Secondary School, Adonaishaka Ebedei
  • Ebrumede Secondary School, Ebrumede Effurun
  • Egbudu Mixed Secondary School, Egbudu-Akah, Aniocha South (Founded Sept. 1980)
  • Egini Grammar School, Egini
  • Ekakpamre Grammar School, Ekakpamre
  • Ekuku-Agbor Grammar School, Ekuku Agbor, Agbor
  • Ekiugbo Grammar School, Ughelli
  • Emevor Mixed Secondary School, Emevor
  • Emore Grammar School, Oleh
  • Emu-Uno Secondary School, Emu-Uno, est. 1980
  • Erho Secondary School, Erho-Abraka
  • Esi College, Warri
  • Ewulu Mixed Grammar School, Ewulu Aniocha South
  • Excellence School of Science and Creativity, Sapele
  • Exclusive Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools New Haven Kwale
  • Esanma Grammar School, Syama
  • Federal girl' College, Ibusa
  • Federal Government College, Warri
  • Fieldcrest International School, Ekete, Warri
  • Gbenoba Grammar School, Agbor
  • Girls' Model Secondary School, Evwreni
  • Good Shepherd Catholic Boys' Secondary School, Oyede
  • Government College, Ughelli.
  • Great Grace Montessori School, Edjeba Warri
  • Hilltop School Edjeba Warri
  • Holy Infant Nusary, Primary & Secondary School Agbor
  • Holy Family School Ugboroke Effurun
  • Hussey College Warri
  • Ibru College, Agbarha-Otor
  • Idjerhe Grammar School, Jesse-Town
  • Ika Grammar School, Boji Boji Owa
  • Ime-Obi Secondary School, Agbor
  • Irhodo Primary School, Irhodo-Jesse
  • James Welch Grammar School, Emevor
  • Jeremi College, Out-Jeremi
  • Kokori Grammar School Kokori, Inland. 1962
  • Lakeland School, Ogunu, Warri
  • Marble Hill School, Asaba Delta State
  • Mary Mount College, Boji Boji Owa
  • Mater Dei Grammar School, Ashaka
  • Merit Mixed Secondary School, Sapele
  • Madonna International College, Asaba.
  • Mixed Secondary School, Idumuje Unor, Aniocha North
  • Nana College, Warri
  • Nana Primary School, Warri Delta State Nigeria.
  • National Comprehensive College Warri
  • Notre Dame College, Ozoro-1957
  • Novena College, kwale
  • Obiaruku Grammar School
  • Ogoma Primary School, Ogwashi-Uku
  • Oguname Grammar School, Oguname-Agbarho
  • Ofagbe Technical College, Ofagbe
  • Ogbavweni Grammar School, Usiefrun
  • Ogbe Secondary School, Effurun
  • Ogbemudein Secondary School, Agbor
  • Oginibo Secondary School, Oginibo
  • Oghior Comprehensive High School, Oghior
  • Ogume Grammar School, Ogume
  • Oketa Mixed Grammar School, Ofagbe
  • Okiti mixed Secondary School, Ubulu Okiti
  • Omumu Mixed Secondary School, Agbor
  • Ophregbala Secondary School, Ophregbala
  • Orgba Secondary Sch. Issele-uku
  • Orhunwhorun High School, Orhunwhorun
  • Orogun Grammar School, Orogun, est. 1965
  • Otorho Secondary School, Otorho Abraka
  • Otowodo Grammar School, Ughelli
  • Our Lady of Nigeria Catholic Girls'Secondary School Oghara
  • Our Lady's High School, Effurun
  • Ovu Grammar School Ovu Inland
  • Ovwian Secondary School, Ovwian
  • Owhrode Secondary School, Owhrode
  • Ozanogogo Mixed Secondary School, Agbor
  • PHCN Staff School, Ogorode, Sapele
  • Redeemed Academy Group of Schools, Nepa, Effurun, Warri.(Anjorin S.K. Placed)
  • Rosebud Nursery and Primary School, Asaba
  • Santa Maria College, Ibusa
  • Santa Maria Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools Ubulu Uku
  • St. Anthony's College, Ubulu-Uku
  • St. Augustine's College (Oboshi College)
  • Star Primary & Secondary School, Effurun, Warri.
  • St. George's Grammar School, Obinomba.
  • St. Georges Grammar School, Obinumba
  • St. Ita's Girls Grammar School, Sapele
  • Staff Model Primary & Secondary School Agbor
  • St. Malachy's College, Sapele
  • St. Mary Magdalene Grammar School Ashaka
  • St. Michael's College, Oleh
  • St. Michael's Primary and Secondary School, Sapele
  • St. Patrick´s College, Asaba
  • St. Peter Claver's College, Aghalokpe, Sapele.
  • St. Theresa's International Schools, Orhuwhorun Town, Orhuwhorun.
  • St. Vincent College, Okwagbe
  • St. John's Academy oleh
  • Technical College, Issele-uku
  • Udu Secondary School, Otor-Udu
  • Umiaghwa Secondary School, Oria-Abraka
  • Unity School, Agbarho
  • Urhobo College, Effurun
  • Urhuoka Secondary School, Abraka
  • Uro Grammar School, Uro
  • Utagba Obge Grammar School, Kwale
  • Utagba Ogbe Technical College, Kwale
  • Unique Foundation Nursery/Primary School, Asaba
  • Uwhurun Grammar School, Uwhurun
  • Victory School Of Science & Creativity (VSSAC), Sapele
  • Word of Faith Group of Schools, Effurun
  • Yoworen College, Warri
  • Army day secondary school eburutu barracks calabar
  • Girls Secondary School Ndemili

Top Secondary Schools In Delta State

There are many factors to consider when ranking secondary schools in delta state. Some of these factors include:

waec performance
neco performance
jamb performance
abroad exams
learning facilities
teaching standard
school environment

For a secondary school to be considered among the best, the school must have outstanding waec results. The best secondary schools be it private or government schools in delta state have a 100% success rate in waec examinations.

Just like in waec examinations, top secondary schools perform well in neco examinations too. Although neco exams is not as important as waec exam, the success rate must also be 100%. In delta state top performing secondary schools produce students very high scores in jamb exams.

In delta state only the top schools consistently produce the winners in any competition be it at the state level or national level.

School facilities is a major determinant on how good a secondary school is. The top ranking secondary schools have extensive learning facilities such as computer labs, science laboratory, sport facilities etc and the school environment is very conducive for learning. This is what makes them the most expensive secondary schools in delta state.

Which school is the best in Delta State?

Drop your suggestions about the best secondary school in Delta State.