When Is NYSC 2023 Batch C1 POP

Are you looking for answers about the date for the NYSC POP for 2023 Batch C stream 1? If yes, this article is for you. We will reveal the date of the passing out parade (POP) for NYSC 2023 Batch C1.

date of NYSC POP

Date of NYSC POP for 2023 Batch C1

According to the NYSC calendar, the date for the 2023 NYSC batch C1 POP is on the 21st of September 2024. Note that this date might change due to other circumstances. If this date is changed, we will make sure we update this page immediately to reflect the new date.

As you are preparing for your NYSC POP, make sure you are still active at your various PPAs until the official POP circular is released. Some corp members might be tempted to abscond from their places of primary assignment, thinking that POP is near. Please don't do that, continue to be very active until the POP circular telling your various PPAs to release corp members is released.

As a corp member awaiting POP, you should start preparing for life after service. Start applying for jobs or you start learning skills so that you don't become frustrated after NYSC.

If you like your PPA and you wish to be retained there, you can start making contacts for that to happen.

Please don't miss any clearance or you won't be paid your monthly allowance and also to avoid the risk of getting a service extension.

NYSC POP is not a one-off event, there are a series of activities you have to participate in and you will have to do a lot of clearance since that will be the final. So ensure you start preparing for all of that.

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