Chevening Scholarship Essay Samples and Formats

On this page, you will learn how to write an outstanding chevening scholarship essay. From this article, you will learn the tips on how to write a chevening scholarship-winning essay to study for a master's degree in the UK.

chevening scholarship essay samples and formats

From this article you will learn about the most difficult part of the chevening scholarship application which is writing the four essays which are:
  • Leadership and influence essay
  • Networking essay
  • Career plan essay
  • Studying in the UK essay

Tips On Writing an Outstanding Chevening Scholarship Essay

Before you start writing the different essays, there are very important tips you must note. Below are some tips you must consider while writing the chevening scholarship essays:

Avoid grammatical errors

Show your essay to a professor, teacher, lecturer or a friend so that they can go through it and check for grammatical mistakes and help you correct them. Before giving it to them try are go through your work several times so that you can also reduce the number of errors yourself. Try your best not to submit your essay with grammatical mistakes.

Organized structure

Follow the structure of the introduction, body and conclusion in all the essays. Don't just write random paragraphs all over the essays and just mention examples and stuff like that. You have to be organized, it's not a criterion though but it's always better for the reader when he reads something organized.

Don't generalize

Don't give general examples about leadership or network skills or career plans. You have to be specific, you have to give clear examples and don't give examples that everyone can give. You have to be different and being different is easy when you're being specific.

Everyone is different in his way so just be specific you can give some general examples from time to time but you have to be specific right after that. You can start with a general example then you go specific that's okay but don't be over general don't give a lot of general examples because that's gonna ruin your essays and also make it appear as if you have not done a lot of research.

Maximize the Words

Chevening essays require you to write between 50 words to 500 words.  Don't write 50 words but don't try to maximize the words if you reached like 490 words that is excellent but if you reached 400 words with meaningful content don't just add more words to maximize the word count.

If you've reached 400 words and you are convinced with your content, don't add more if you could reach more that's okay but go for the quality don't go for the quantity. Also when you write the reader needs to see that the writer is confident, you have to show confidence and you have to show them that you believe that they will accept you because you're qualified enough.

Use CAR technique and writing

CAR stands for context, action and result. When you're giving examples in any of the essays try to write it in the CAR style.

Start with the C (context) the context can be a problem or a situation, then you talk about the A (action) that you have taken in that specific problem or situation, and then you describe the R (result) that you came up with after you took that action in that specific context.

Above are the general tips that you must consider when writing the chevening scholarship essays. We will now proceed to the different essays and how to write them.

Chevening Scholarship Essay Samples

So we are about to explain how you should write each of the chevening scholarship essays using necessary and important tips to increase your chances of writing an outstanding essay.

Chevening Scholarship Leadership and Influence Essay

The first essay we will consider is the leadership and influence essay. For this essay, you have to write about your leadership experience in your field.

How To Write Chevening Scholarship Leadership and Influence Essay 

For the leadership essay, you can start with defining what leadership is in your terms and not the dictionary meaning. What do you think leadership is, don't google it but write what you think leadership is from your perspective.

For example, you can write that a leader is someone who inspires people, motivates people, supports people and works with people. After highlighting your definition of a leader, you can start talking about specific examples of your leadership skills.

Discuss how you influence people as a leader, of course, you should be an influencer, you cannot be a leader if you're not an influencer. How do you affect people, how do you influence people, what kind of effect do you have on people and how do you affect their decisions, their personalities and their actions.

Discuss the influence you have on the community around you, then you can highlight specific examples, and you can mention situations or events or problems that you showed your leadership skills.

Mention specific examples you think are the most powerful and outstanding, the ones that can help improve your chances to get accepted.

Mention examples that you showed good leadership skills, they don't necessarily have to be big events or big companies or organisations. 

Just mention examples of any kind of activities you participated in. Were you responsible for anything, were you in charge of anything, Did you lead people or a team?

Mention your previous responsibilities, what you were responsible for,  how were your responsibilities, did you find them difficult, what challenges did you face during your responsibility and how did you overcome the challenges.

Do you think you were successfully leading them and how do you think you managed to do that while you were leading did you make a change in the place you're working, how did you make that change, and did you do a good change noticeable change in that place.

Continue highlighting events and examples that can be evidence of your leadership and influencing skills.

Mention your team working skills, a leader should also be able to work in a team so you're not just a leader who is always leading and always giving orders but also a leader who is flexible enough to work in a team.

Mention organizations or institutions that you are a member of, you can mention other places that you were cooperating with, you don't have to be an actual member but sometimes you just participate without being a member in a place, so whenever you had an example of good participation in any place mention it as a good example of your leadership skills.

You can also mention current experiences, so if you're leading a team now or multiple teams you should mention that as an example, that will give you a good advantage.

Please don't lie, don't mention skills that you don't have, be authentic and be yourself and you'll get good chances of getting accepted but don't write any skill that you don't possess.

Mention the support you provide to people, did you help people in achieving specific goals, did you help them achieve their aims, did you motivate them, did you inspire them, you can give examples of people who succeeded because of your help or because of your motivations or because you gave the motives to go for.

Having a good influence on people means that you have a personal element of a good leader. Add how you changed people for the better and changed your country for the better.

Show them that as a leader you are going to change your country for the better, you have seen specific issues or problems in your country and you're going to be the one who is going to fix these problems with the skills you are going to gain and learn when you go to study in the UK.

So above is how to write outstanding chevening scholarship essays. Make sure your essay is outstanding.

Chevening Scholarship Networking Essay

The next essay we will discuss is the chevening networking essay, just like the leadership and influence essay, the networking essay has certain components you must consider. So let's go.

How To Write Chevening Scholarship Networking Essay 

In this essay, you're going to talk about your network and your ability to build a good relationships with people.

First of all, you can talk about the reasons for building a network, why do you need the network? How will the network help in achieving our career plans? Will it help in achieving your aims faster with fewer efforts? What do you think are the reasons behind having a good network and why do we need a good network?

Mention your ability to deal with different kinds of personalities and mentalities, this is important because a good leader should be able to deal with different kinds of cultures, personalities, perspectives and mentalities.

You are going to travel to the United Kingdom which is one of the most diverse countries with different cultures and different perspectives from all over the world, you have a lot of international students over there so you have to show them that you can deal with different kinds of mindsets.

Mention the places that you build your network from, for example, high school, college, company and neighbourhoods.

Whatever place you think you had a lot of networks or made a lot of connections and friends, mention that place.

What organizations and institutions did you make a good network with? You don't have to mention all the organizations that you worked with it's not important.

Focus more on the professional network like the working bond and the network that you think will help you in your plans, your career and your study.

Don't mention friends and family, that's not an actual professional network sometimes you can mention courses, workshops, events and presentations you participated in.

State that through these events you could make a connection, and each place you go you have strong networking abilities.

A very important community you can also mention are your social media community. Almost everyone is on social media these days and if you have a good community within these platforms, for example, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or whatever social media platform you're in if you have a good network, not random people but a good community within that social media platform you can mention that.

That can give you a good advantage because even a virtual community is an actual community. After all, you're contacting actual people, so mentioning the social media community is also a good point to consider when writing your networking essay. 

So as someone who has a good network, how do you think that network helped you in achieving accomplishments in the past and how do you think it will help you in the future?

Mention examples of course and give general ideas, don't give general sentences alone, you can always start with a general sentence and go specific but don't keep writing in general sentences all the time.

How did it help you in the past? You can mention an example or situation and the situation that you think you couldn't have succeeded in without your network. That would be a strong example.

Mention another example, in this one you can be general because you're talking about the future and you cannot be specific about the future but this example should be relevant and don't give too many details because you have a career plan essay you are also going to write.

Think of a future example or a future situation in which you will need your network and that your network will help you in that specific situation to accomplish specific tasks.

Since you go into the UK and you're going as an achieving scholar, how will you contribute to the community over there? How will you contribute with other leaders from different countries to the United Kingdom?

Do you have a full year to stay there? Are you going to make a good network during that year as a leader with good networking skills? You have to show them that making a good network in the United Kingdom, especially with other ethnic scholars is important to you because you believe that it is going to be a network full of leaders.

Above are the points you should consider while writing the chevening networking essay.

Chevening Scholarship Study In The UK Essay

The chevening study in the UK essay is a very important essay which you must highlight why you need to study in the UK. For this essay, you will talk about the merits of a prospective study in the UK.

How To Write Chevening Scholarship Study In The UK Essay 

This might seem like the easiest chevening essay but it's not however the most difficult one. All you need to do is to show the scholarship committee that you understand why you are applying for the course.

You need to show them that you're not randomly applying for the course just to get the scholarship. Discuss why you choose these universities as you know in the application you will choose three universities.

Why did you choose these three universities? Most importantly why did you choose those courses? Are the courses relevant to your previous study? Are they relevant to your previous work experience? Are they relevant to your plans and your career?

Mention how these courses are going to expand your knowledge about the field you're applying for and what skills are you going to gain because you're not just going to go to the UK for a year to get a certificate you're going to gain the knowledge you're going to gain skills.

Mention the skills you are going to gain. What will you learn and what are the important things that you will get from the course?

How will these courses help you in your plans how are they relevant to your plans? Are the modules and the courses going to help you? Will the knowledge within the modules going to help you?

You have to convince them that these courses are a crucial step for your plans so that they will know why you choose these courses.

You have to mention how are you prepared for these courses. Do you have previous work experience related to the same topic you're applying for? Do you have previous study experience? Do you have previous modules that are related to the same field you are applying for how are you prepared for the course? Do you think you can finish the course successfully? Do you have other academic and professional experience that will guide you or help you throughout the course?

In the conclusion of this essay, mention the challenges that you think you will face during your study. What are these challenges and how do you think you're going to overcome these challenges? Is it going to be the culture, the intensive time, the different education system from your country, the way of lecturing?

So above are the points you should discuss while writing the chevening study in the UK essay.

Chevening Scholarship Career Plan Essay

The chevening career plan essay is to show your short, medium and long-term career plans when you return to your home country. You have to prove here that you have a big, achievable and realistic plan.

How To Write Chevening Scholarship Career Plan Essay

In this essay, you're going to talk about your plans or career plans when you return to your home country.

When we say plans, we mean long, medium and short-term plans. We are not just talking about your plans for the next year or two years. You have to mention the long-term and the short-term plans.

Start your essay by mentioning the main aim of your plans. What's your main aim for all the plans you're thinking of? What is the main or the most important goal you want to achieve after all the plans? For example, you can say that my main aim is to develop the education system in my country, so that's the main aim that's not a plan that's the main aim.

Then move on and talk about how you plan to achieve that aim, you can start with the short-term plans and then move on to the long-term ones.

Remember you have to avoid talking in general and try to be specific. In this essay, you have to be detailed and specific about your plans so that you don't just sound dreamy or just someone who is talking about general plans that anyone can talk about.

You have to be specific, they have to see that you have plans that you are going to work on. After mentioning the main aim, you can talk about why this aim is important to you, why you think you have to develop the education system of your country, and why you believe that this aim is more important than any other aim any other people can mention.

Give strong reasons, be rational and be real. Discuss the requirements of that aim or the plan. They have to see that you are a logical person a rational person, not someone who's just dreaming of accomplishing plans.

Write the steps or the stages that you have to go through before achieving the aims or the plans you are working on. Show them that you know the path of each plan and the requirements of each path and also each step in each path, what steps you're going to go through, what challenges you think are waiting for you when you go through each step and you have to show that despite these challenges you are certain that you're going to achieve your aim.

They have to see that you believe in your aim and that you know how important it is for your country.

Describe how accomplishing this aim will benefit your country and how it will help the people in your country, what it will change positively and for the better.

Mention how the chevening scholarship will help you in achieving your aim and plans and how the chevening community can also help you.

With all these points you should write a very good and comprehensive career plan essay. Make sure your essay stands out. Thousands of people apply for the chevening scholarship annually, to be selected from the pool of thousands of applicants, your essay must be different, coherent, impressive and outstanding.

If you have questions regarding the chevening scholarship essays, feel free to drop a comment or contact us through our contact page.

Success as you take a bold step in applying for the chevening scholarship.