Public Health Statement of Purpose Sample and Format (2024 Update)

Are you looking for a public health statement of purpose sample? Then this post is for you. In this article we have a good sample of a statement of purpose that can be used to apply for a public health degree.

public health statement of purpose sample

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Public Health Statement of Purpose Sample

The epidemiological statistics showing the prevalence of diseases in my motherland have been quite disturbing, malaria as a notable example has done no good than harming my local community leading to an increased mortality rate of which relatives of my family have been victims to this circumstance. According to the 2020 World Malaria Report, xxxxx had the highest number of global malaria cases, 27% in 2019 and accounted for the highest number of deaths, 23%. Malaria occurs disproportionately among the poor and places a heavy burden on the health system in the country. This is why I am applying to study xxxxxxx( course) at xxxxxxx(university).

Graduating with xxxxxxx( class of degree) at xxxxx ( previous university) was a great achievement for me, I have journeyed the academic line with so much fascination about health leading to the growth of empathy as a personal attribute towards humans, especially victims of health-related conditions. My undergraduate studies was an eye-opener to basic epidemiological skills which have supported my decision to further my educational experience and gain deeper insight into the field of public health. My activities as an undergraduate weren't restricted to classroom lecturing and learning; rather was encompassed field trips, research works, educational conferences and symposiums to build up practical experience. My work experience started right before I got admitted into the university, I’ve spent the past couple of years volunteering under the likes of amazing care foundation and society for family health, diagnosing, treating and taking records of patients with malaria and some other health conditions.

I am particularly interested in studying xxxxxxx(course) at xxxxx ( university ). I am confident that the various modules offered will advance my knowledge in all aspects of public health and also equip me with the in-depth research and enquiry skills necessary to implement a broad range of interventions. I look forward to working with xxxxxxx ( professor with same interest as yours). For my dissertation, I intend to research on xxxxxxxx ( talk about your intended research topic and what it will be used for)

My long-term goals are centred on working with organizations that provide access to health care services and information on how to prevent disease prevalence after completing my masters studies, also developing an agency that is concerned with providing healthcare needs of developing countries and rural areas.

It will be of great pleasure, privilege and honour to study at the xxxxxxx ( university) known for its top-notch educational services which also upholds culture and is known famously for its industrial heritage. I believe that from my zeal and excellent academic records which can be seen in my curriculum vitae, I hope to get a chance in this program. I anticipate a favourable response.

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