How To Know If a Girl Is a Virgin Or Not

In this article we will discuss on ways to know if a girl is a virgin or not. Can virginity be know physically? Then read this article to the end to understand better. Updated 

How To Know If a Girl Is a Virgin

Determining the virginity, virginity testing or whatever it is called. It is basically determining whether the girl has had a sexual intercourse before or never had a sexual intercourse before.

Now the first thing to answer in this is, who is to determine the virginity of the whom? Who is asking for? Does the girl doesn’t have to ask the virginity the opposite way? So there is no question about asking for a virginity of a girl.

That is a girl’s private matter and a girl’s private discussion. So there is nothing to answer in this question beyond that.

That is the girl’s right and she is the one to determine her virginity and she has all the rights to not to prove to anybody the rights of her virginity and she has equal rights, if you ask her, she has equal rights to ask you your virginity.

So the point is baseless. The question is baseless. But still virginity is something where you determine whether the girl has never had a sexual intercourse.

Now the truth is that nobody in the world can give you the proof of virginity other than the girl herself.

The flimsy hymen which is there which breaks off with the first sexual activity can otherwise be absent in many girls can go off or tear off in case of rigorous exercise in athletes, in swimming, dancing, horse riding, or any such matter.

Use of multiple tampons and all that. So a presence of a hymen or an absence of a hymen or a torn hymen doesn’t indicate or conform that the girl has never had or had sex for that matter, for any point of time.

So these are baseless and cannot be found out. Nobody can confirm and tell that the girl has lost her virginity except the girl herself. So basically there is no virginity test at any point of time.

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