How To Write an Outstanding Statement of Purpose For Masters Application (Updated 2024)

Are you looking for a guide on how to write a great statement of purpose for masters application? If yes, this post is for you. On this page you will get the best tips and guide on how to write an outstanding statement of purpose for masters degree application.

How To Write Statement of Purpose

What Is a Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose defines your motivations, skills and career goals. It reveals to the admissions committee what you are interested in, what you can do, why you are important to them, why they should admit you and what you want to do years from now.

How To Write a Statement of Purpose For Masters

Your statement of purpose should generally have five paragraphs. You don't need to write a very long statement of purpose.

Your statement of purpose must capture the heart of the reader for the first five minutes, so let the statement of purpose be short, straight to the point, well written and it must convince the admissions committee on why you deserve the admission.

First Paragraph

Let us now discuss on what you should write on each paragraph of your statement of purpose. As said earlier, you statement of purpose should have five paragraphs.

The first paragraph should introduce who you are. The admissions committee already have your cv and your transcripts but a statement of purpose is a semi informal way of introducing yourself.

Try and tell a short story of what inspires you or what motivates you and don't make it too long, remember this is just the first paragraph so just write a short story of maybe an experience or what inspires you.

You have to connect who you are to the course of study you are interested in. The first paragraph should be short and sweet. It has to draw in whoever is reading your statement of purpose.

Introduce yourself, write a little about your background but don't make the first paragraph just about yourself, make sure they connect back to your course of study.

Second Paragraph

For the second paragraph, you have to give details about your academic and technical interests. Write about what really interest you and why you are interested in this things.

Write about why you are interested in studying your course of choice in the university. You have to give them strong reasons so that they will be convinced that you know what you really want.

Third Paragraph

The third paragraph should connect your academic and technical interest to your future. Write about your academic goals. Your academic goals in the department or faculty you are applying to.

Make sure you connect your interest you talked about in the second paragraph to your future academic goals. You have to include notable professors in this paragraph.

In any department you want to apply to, there are notable professors there. So you should include them in your statement of purpose. This will show that you have done a lot of research about the department you want to study in, it also shows that you are smart and hardworking.

Fourth Paragraph

In the fourth paragraph, you have to connect your future academic goals that you have written in the third paragraph to your short and long term goals after you graduate. Write about what you want to do years after graduation, the admissions committee reading your statement of purpose will like it.

Just make sure the fourth paragraph talks about the future after graduation. Don't get confused between the third paragraph and the fourth paragraph. The third paragraph should talk about your future in the program while the fourth paragraph talks about your future after the program.

Write about your big dreams and your big goals. This will show the admissions committee that you are ambitious.

Fifth Paragraph

In the fifth paragraph which is the last paragraph you have to conclude everything you have written. It should be like a thank you in advance text that you are looking forward in being admitted into their prestigious program.

In this paragraph, you have to praise the program and also praise the school. Talk about the department, the school and the city the school is located. For example if the school is located in Chicago, write that you are looking forward in becoming part of the Chicago community. This will show that you have really done your research.

In conclusion, make sure you edit vigorously, make sure there are no typos and grammatical errors. Make sure your statement of purpose is edited and proofread as many times as possible.

You can get a professional editor, maybe someone who studied English to read your work and also help you in editing it. Don't submit a statement of purpose that is not compelling and full of grammatical errors, this will make your admission application to be turned down.

So this is the guide you need to write a great and magnificent statement of purpose. You can also search online for various samples of statement of purpose written by people.

I hope this guide is helpful. If you need any help or assistance feel free to drop a comment.

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