How To Publish a Research Paper In An Online Journal For Free

You have written an amazing research paper and you want to publish it on online journal but you don't know where to start from, in this article you will learn how to publish a research paper in an online journal easily.

How To Publish a Research Paper Online

Note that publishing research papers typically takes about three months to a year.

There are many types of research papers but the most common and popular are review papers.

Review papers are basically when you understand that this is a research problem and you review different papers on that research problem and combine them to one.

Full research paper: This is a research paper in which you carryout the research work yourself from the beginning to the end.

How To Publish a Research Paper On a Journal Online

Below are the steps and process to publish a research paper in a journal online:

Do some research. Get some interesting results. This is by far the hardest part.

Write down your research results, following the writing conventions of the field in which your research lies, and in particular, setting it in the proper context of related work.

Submit your manuscript to an appropriate publication venue. Consider submitting to whatever venue your paper cites most often.

Wait for the referee reviews and the editor’s decision. Revise your manuscript in response to the reviewer’s comments. Resubmit your revised manuscript, either to the same venue (if the editor invites a resubmission) or to a different venue.

Repeat above step until an editor accepts your manuscript.

Wait for the galley proofs of your manuscript. Read them very closely. Marvel at the skill and creativity with which the copy editors introduce subtle spelling, grammatical, notational, and typographical errors. Correct them.

Wait for the final published version of the manuscript to appear, either on the publisher’s web site as a PDF file.

How To Publish a Research Paper in a Journal For Free

Punishing your research paper in a journal either for free or paid takes some process.

Firstly you need to make sure that you have written the contents for your paper and you have got the list of references used for the same.

Once you have paper in place, write a small abstract which describes what the paper explains about.

That's the only part which is more important; rest is just like some paperwork.

Find out some journal who has still registrations open. Every journal is dedicated to some area.

Make sure your topic aligns with the one on the agenda else there are high chances that the paper gets rejected.

Make sure the journal you are planning to publish is a reputed and recognized.

Once you have zeroed upon the conference, go through their process and most time it starts with submitting the abstract of your paper.

It takes a while for organizers while they evaluate if your paper fit into the current track and makes value addition to the conference.

If there are more number of entries than the available slots then the criterias could be more stringent.

In the mean time you can check the format in which the organizers are expecting the paper to be.

It might happen that some organizers might have some specific standard of publishing; so go through the guidelines and make changes in the paper as per required.

If everything goes well you will get an intimation saying your abstract has been selected and you need to submit the paper which might get published depending on the feedback from reviewers.

There are special sites used to submit and review paprt online. Paper you submit gets assigned to multiple reviewers who may have few suggestions or queries around your work.

You need to incorporate the suggestions and clear the doubts if any raised by reviewers.

Now your paper is ready if all the reviewers approve it for publication.

So that is how to publish a research paper in an online journal for free. Publishing for free takes the same process as publishing on a paid journal.

The difference is that you will be publishing on a free journal. There are many free journals online, research on them and decide which one best suits your research paper.

Hope this article will guide you in publishing your research paper online.

If you have any issue or question about publishing a research paper feel free to contact us or drop a comment in the comment box.