Where To Get a Loan In Borno State In 2024

Are you looking for where go to get a loan in Borno State? If yes then you are on the right page.

Where To Get Loan In Borno State

In this post we will list out the places you can get a loan in Borno State with or without collateral.

The easiest place to get a loan in Borno State are in commercial banks, so work into any commercial bank you are banking with and tell them you want to apply for a loan.

Apart from commercial banks, you can also get a loan from microfinance banks in Borno State. Microfinance banks make getting a loan easier than with commercial banks.

Microfinance Banks In Borno State That Give Loans

Below is the list of microfinance banks in Borno State that give out loans:

Bama Microfinance Bank Limited

Bama Main Market, Barma L.G.A, Borno State.

Borno Renaissance Microfinance Bank Limited


Ngala Microfinance Bank Limited

Along Main Road, Gamboru-Ngala, Borno State

Standard Microfinance Bank Limited

Bornoma House, No 94 Mohammed Mustapha Way, Jimeta-Yola, Adamawa State

UNIMAID Microfinance Bank Limited

University of Maiduguri Campus, Maiduguri, Borno State

Yarwa Microfinance Bank Limited

No.15. Ahmadu Bello Way. Maiduguri. Borno State

Apart from microfinance banks, you can also get loans from private lenders.

Most private lenders use mobile apps to give out loans. You can browse through the google play store to download loan apps.

You can apply for loans with loans Apps in minutes and get the loan immediately although terms and conditions do apply.

Where To Borrow Money In Borno State

To get a fast loan in Borno State you need to use loan apps, there are many loan apps available that can give you a fast loan as long as you have all the requirements.

I recommend you download Branch Loan App from the apps store and apply for a loan immediately.