Kashbase App Review : Legit Or Scam

This post will review Kashbase savings and investment app. Kashbase is an app that enables people to save money, invest money and also manage expenses.

Kashbase App Review Legit Or Scam

Kashbase App Review

Kashbase is an independent digital personal finance app for savings and investment.

Kashbase assists you to save and invest money skilfully and effortlessly.

Kashbase's users enjoy automated savings features for their savings and investments while accumulating competitive returns that beat their bank's saving account -up to 15% interest.

Also, Kashbase allows you to handle and manage your spendings on the go.

Kashbase App Savings and Investment Review

  • Automatically Save and Invest to Achieve your Financial Goals
  • Save and invest as low as 100 Naira daily, weekly or monthly depending on your preferred saving frequency
  • Access various investment products with incredible interest rates.
  • Access Emergency and Flexible Withdrawals
  • Amass Daily Robust Returns

Features Of Kashbase App

  • Buy airtime or data easily with Kashbase
  • Easy payment of bills like electricity, TV Subscription
  • Transfer money from Kashbase to any bank account
  • Transfer money to another Kashbase user for free

Is Kashbase App Legit Or Scam

People do ask if Kashbase app is legit or if it is a scam. Kashbase is a very legit app and a lot of people have been using it without issues and complaints.

If you have any issue while using Kashbase app drop in the comments box so it can be reviewed.

Kashbase Customer Care Contact

Below is the contact of Kashbase customer service:

Email via support@kashbase.com