Where To Invest Money In Nigeria For High Returns In 2023

Investing is one of the best ways to increase the value of your money over time. Infact investing is better than dumping your money in a normal savings account.

Where To Invest Money In Nigeria

In Nigeria there are many investment opportunities but one has to be careful so as not to fall into the hands of scam investments.

In this article we will discuss about legit investment opportunities in Nigeria in which you can invest your money to yield high returns.

Note that when we talk about investing here, we are not talking about those matrix high yield investment schemes that only pay you when you refer other people.

Without wasting time let us check out the best investment opportunities to invest your money in.

Where To Invest Money In Nigeria For High Returns

Nigerian Stock Market

The Nigerian Stock Market is one of the biggest stock markets in Africa with a lot of quoted companies.

You can invest your money in the stock market by buying stocks or shares of the quoted companies listed on the stock market.

When the value of the stocks you buy increase over time you then sell them and make your gain.

Investing in the Nigerian Stock Market today is very easy as there are various investment apps and platforms you can use to trade on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Foreign Exchange (FOREX)

If you are not new to investing I am sure you have heard about FOREX. Forex which simply means foreign exchange is the biggest financial market in the world with trades worth billions of dollars daily.

Investing in forex is very risky as you can loose all your money if you start forex trading without adequate training and practice.

Real Estate

To invest in real estate you need to have a huge amount of money. If you have a huge amount of money you can start investing in landed properties.

Buy lands, build residential homes and rent them out, you can also build hostels in school areas. You can approach real estate companies and tell them you want to invest in their company.

Commercial Banks

When I mean investing money in banks I don't mean dumping your money in a normal savings account.

There are many investment options banks do have for their clients. The most common is the long term savings option also known as fixed deposit account.

With a fixed deposit account you will save a huge amount of money in that account for a long period of usually over three years in which you will earn about 15% of your savings annually. This is a very good investment option and all commercial banks have it.


Investing in cryptocurrency is very profitable and also very risky. You have to learn about cryptocurrency very well before you start investing in it.

In cryptocurrency currency you buy digital coins when their value is low and resell them when their value is high.

In cryptocurrency you can make thousands of dollars very fast and at the same time you can loose all your money very fast.

Fintech Apps

There are now many Fintech apps available that can help you invest your money in legit investment opportunities.

The most popular investment Fintech apps are cowrywise and piggyvest. Download any of these apps, go to their investment options and you will see are a lot of portfolios you can invest your money in risk free.


Agriculture is one of the best ways to invest your money here in Nigeria. There are many agricultural investment platforms where you can invest your money in different agricultural businesses across the country. One benefit of investing in agriculture is that it is absolutely risk free.

In conclusion, above are the best investment opportunities in Nigeria you can invest your money for high returns.

You must have knowledge about the investment option you want to consider before venturing into it so that you don't end up loosing your money.