Easily Get Current Account References To Activate Your Bank Account (Updated 2024)

To open a current account or domiciliary account in Nigeria you need to provide two current account references in order for your account to be activated.
How To Get Current Account References To Activate Your Account
This requirement is always very difficult to get as a lot of people operate savings account.

I can remember when I wanted to open a domiciliary account, the only requirement that delayed me was the two current account references that I must provide.

I searched for weeks before I could even get one.

Later I discovered how I can easily get references so that my account can be fully activated and that is exactly what I am going to reveal in this article.

How To Get References To Activate Your Current Account or Domiciliary Account

Civil servants parents or relatives: If your parents or relatives are civil servants there is a high probability that they have current accounts because most civil servants operate current accounts which they use as their salary account.

If your parents or relatives are civil servants then approach them and ask them to act as a reference for you.

POS operators: Majority of POS operators have current account, meet them and tell them that you will need their signature so that you can open a current account or domiciliary account.

Some of them might ask for small cash before they can assist you.

If you don't have any relative that have current account and you can't also find POS operators willing to act as a reference for you then you have to go to the banking hall and ask random people that have current account to sign for you.

Most of them will not sign for you because they don't know you and you can't blame them for that because of how fraudulent the country is.

If you keep asking around someone will eventually decide to sign for you.

Hope this article is helpful