Can I Do Masters Degree Abroad With HND?

A lot of HND holders are always asking if they can do a masters degree abroad with their HND certificate. This post will a perfect answer to that question.
Do Masters Degree Abroad With HND
Going for a masters degree abroad is a very good opportunity to expand your academic boundaries and it can also give you an edge in the job market.

In this post we will discuss the possibility of doing masters degree abroad with a higher national diploma certificate.

Can I Go For a Masters Program Abroad With HND?

It is possible to go for a masters degree abroad with a HND certificate, you have to research about schools in Europe, North America and even the UK.

It is a standard for most universities abroad to require a full honours degree or a major bachelors degree before they can admit you into a masters program.

You need to check with the school because most times limited opportunities exist.

A lot of opportunities abroad enable you to convert your HND to a bachelors degree so that you can be able to use it for a masters.

If you check with a university and it happens that you don't meet the minimum academic requirements,  a lot of the universities won't just turn you down instead they will to you the reason for their action and also advice you on what to do.

There something called a conversion degree and these are applicable where you want to study a course that is outside your area of specialty.

The conversion programs are always very vocational and they are main to acquaint you with the basis of your intended area of study.

At the end of the conversion program, you will be eligible to be admitted into the masters program.

There is another program known as top up program, this top up program also converts your HND to a bachelors degree and they usually last for few months.

Just contact the school you intend to study in, ask them for their requirements and other options available for you as a HND holder.

Try and start applying as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

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