Where Can Civil Engineering Graduates Work in Nigeria

This post is all about career prospects in civil engineering. If you are intending to study civil engineering or you are a graduate, this post is for you read to the end to learn about what you can do with civil engineering degree in Nigeria.

How marketable is civil engineering degree in Nigeria

The degree is very useful here in Nigeria. You might be wondering if you will get a good job after studying civil engineering, don't disturb yourself again, just know that no course or degree is useless and you will be open to good jobs and careers after studying civil engineering.

Where can civil engineering graduates work in Nigeria

There are many places and companies that employ civil engineering degree holders here in Nigeria, below is the list of some of the places:

Secondary schools: Secondary schools employ people with any degree including civil engineering graduates. If you feel you can work in a secondary school then it is a very good option.

Universities and polytechnics: Most universities in Nigeria employ civil engineering graduates. As long as there is a civil engineering department in a university then there will be a vacancy for lecturers for that department.

Banks: Banks employ holders of any kind of degree. There are many departments in a bank and civil engineering degree holders can be employed in any.

Manufacturing companies: As a graduate of civil engineering, apply to manufacturing companies. Manufacturing companies employ people with people with any degree. You will be trained on what to do and how to perform the expected tasks when employed.

If you can't get a jobs, there are other things you can still do with a civil engineering degree in Nigeria, such as:

You can start a business: Research if there is any profitable business related to civil engineering and how to start such business.

You can start a consultancy and give solutions and advice on civil engineering to people.

In summary, search outside your field for job and career opportunities because employers now employ anybody and then train them on the skills required of them to perform their given job. Hope this post is helpful, drop questions in the comment box if any.

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