Houses & Apartments For Rent in Akure

Are you looking for a cheap and affordable house to rent in akure? If yes, this post is for you. Read to the end and you will be guided with the best tips on how to get a cheap apartment in akure.

apartments for rent in akure

One Bedroom Flat For Rent In Akure

We have one bedroom flats and apartments for rent in Akure in our directory. The price range is between 100,000 naira to 500,000 per year. Contact us to view the available properties.

Two Bedroom Flats For Rent In Akure

There are two bedroom apartments in Akure for rent in our directory.

The two bedroom flats are more expensive than the one bedroom flats.

The price for the two room apartments starts from 200,000 naira per annum.

Three bedroom flats for rent in Akure

Three bedroom flats and apartments are also available in our directory.

If you need a three bedroom flat for rent in Akure then contact us so we can send the listing of all the available properties in our directory to you.

The price of the three room apartments starts from 350,000 naira per year.

Hostels For Rent in Akure

We also have hostels for students in Akure. So students who are looking for hostels to rent should contacts us.

Our agents will direct you to assess the available hostels we have in our portfolio.

The price of our hostels in Akure starts from 60,000 naira to 300,000 per annum.

Self Contain For Rent In Akure

Contact us and the listing of the available properties will be sent to you including their address so that you can go there physically to assess it.

Other Ways To Search For Apartments, Flats and Houses For Rent In Akure

Websites: There are many websites that makes searching for rentable properties easy. Sites such as jiji, and nigerianpropertycentre.

Local news papers: Check the local newspapers in akure to know about the available apartments for rent.

Property agents: Every city in the country has home and property agents, contact such agents in akure.

They are everywhere and they usually have updated portfolio of apartments available for rent.

If you have any issues with getting an apartment, drop a comment and we will help you out. Hope the post is helpful.

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