Travel Between Gombe and Kano By Bus: Prices and Terminals

Travelling from Gombe to Kano or Kano to Gombe by road is the most flexible form of travelling. Travelling by bus is very cheap and reliable unlike other means of travelling. In this post you will get  the basic information on travelling by bus between Gombe and Kano.

There are some factors to consider when travelling by bus from Gombe to Kano or vice versa. The main factors to put into consideration are budget and time of travel.

Your budget for the travel should be well planned so as to avoid frustration and disappointment and also decide if you want to travel by day or by night. We do advice passengers to travel by day when travelling by bus from Gombe to Kano and back.

Getting a bus

To get a bus to travel from Gombe to Kano or vice versa you need be careful to avoid entering to wrong bus. You can go to popular bus parks in your city to check for buses travelling between Gombe and Kano or also check from popular transport companies in Nigeria travelling your route. Here is the list of some of the popular transport companies in Nigeria to travel with:

God is Good motors (GIGM)
ABC transport
Libra transport
Chisco transport
Iyare motos
Peace mass transit (PMT)
GUO motors

Note that for any bus travelling from Gombe to Kano, the same bus will also travel back the same route.

Cost of travelling

The bus price from Gombe to Kano and vice versa depends on the transport company used in travelling and the season of travel. Some transport companies charge more than the others.

Also note that travelling is more expensive during the festive periods. Sometimes bus price from Gombe to Kano go up if there is fuel scarcity or increase in fuel price.

So to know the exact bus price between Kano and Gombe at the moment, contact the transport company you want to travel with so that you will know the exact and current price.

If you have any more questions or enquiries drop them in the comment box and it will be answered. You can drop the date you want to travel and we will tell you the price and where you can get a bus to travel.

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