Wildlife Management Jobs and Careers in Nigeria

Are you looking for Wildlife Management jobs in Nigeria? If yes this post is you, read to the end to get full information about Wildlife Management jobs and careers.

wildlife management jobs in Nigeria

Requirements For Wildlife Management Jobs in Nigeria

To get a good Wildlife Management job there are some requirements that are needed. These requirements are needed in order to give the most qualified people the available jobs. Some of the requirements include:
  • At least a second class upper in Wildlife Management
  • Good Olevel result
  • Some years of work experience
  • NYSC certificate
  • Ability to speak English well
  • Ability to perform basic operations using a computer
All the requirements stated above are very important. Gaining experience will really strengthen your credentials and value.

If you want government jobs then your nysc certificate and BSC certificate is also very important.

Skills Needed For Wildlife Management Jobs in Nigeria

Team Work
Critical Thinking
Research Skills
Problem Analysis
Statistical Skills
Risk Assessment
Leadership Skills
managerial Skill

Career Opportunities For Wildlife Management Graduates In Nigeria

There are many career opportunities in Wildlife Management. As a graduate you are to decide the career path you are interested in.

Do you want to be employed or self employed? Do you want to go into the the public or private sector? etc. 

After asking yourself some of this questions, you will be able to make a decision on a career in Wildlife Management.

As a wildlife management graduate, your career options are very limited. Most of the graduates work for private firms or companies.

So when planning your career, plan towards private employment or self employment.

If you are fortunate to secure a government job then it will be at government owned wildlife parks, zoos or game reserves.

Don't just focus on getting a job, you can start a wildlife consultancy service in which you will be giving consulting services to people or firms interested in wildlife projects.

So to have a good career in wildlife management, plan towards paid employment and self employment so that you will not be left with limited options.

Wildlife Management Jobs in Nigeria

There are many other job options for wildlife management degree holders. Also remember that you can also outsource for jobs outside your field.

Most of the jobs you will come across might not be what you expect but don't reject any, gain experience so that it will improve your value in the field.

Jobs For Wildlife Management Graduates In Nigeria

There are many job options for wildlife management graduates. The job options include:
  • Wildlife manager
  • Zookeeper
  • Wildlife researcher
  • Wildlife research assistant
  • Animal controller
  • Veterinary assistant
  • Game reserve manager
  • Zoo manager
  • Natural park manager
  • Project manager
  • Wildlife wellness consultant
  • Science researcher
  • Wildlife lecturer
  • Wildlife research assistant
  • Agricultural teacher
  • Discoveries reporter

Where Can Wildlife Management Graduates Work in Nigeria

There are many places wildlife managers can work in Nigeria. Some of these places include:
  • Game reserves
  • Natural parks
  • Zoos
  • Academic institutions
  • Animal research companies
  • Zoological companies
  • Veterinary hospitals
  • Oceanographic companies
  • Forestry companies
  • Animal care centers
  • Science research firms

How Lucrative Is Wildlife Management degree In Nigeria

Wildlife Management is a lucrative degree but not lucrative in Nigeria. The truth is that with this degree you will face a lot of challenge getting a good job.

If you can equip yourself with knowledge and skills in this field then you may have a lot of opportunities.

In the northern part of Nigeria where there are a lot of zoos, natural parks and game reserves your services will be needed.

Companies That Employ Wildlife Managements Graduates In Nigeria

Most of the companies are animal and wildlife companies. E.g include:
  • Private zoos
  • Animal poaching companies
  • Animal research companies
  • Zoological companies
  • Veterinary hospitals and companies

Wildlife Management Salary In Nigeria

Wildlife managers don't really earn much here in Nigeria. The salary of most wildlife managers is between 30,000 naira to 60,000 naira per month.

The government don't really employ people with wildlife management degree so most of the degree holders work for private firms and companies.

Depending on the size of the company, some wildlife managers can earn up to 100,000 naira per month.

Where Can Wildlife Management Graduates Find a Job In Nigeria

Is Wildlife Management a Good Course

Wildlife Management is a good course but here in Nigeria there are very little or no opportunities at all for the degree holders.

It's rare to see people apply directly to study the course, the course is always given randomly to students who couldn't reach the cutoff mark for other courses.

Don't let this discourage you, if you have been given wildlife management as a course just put in your best and study it.

Graduate with a first class if possible and you will still get a good job because some employers don't really care about what you studied.

Can Wildlife Management Graduates Work In  Oil Companies

Wild life management has nothing to do with oil companies. There is absolutely no employment opening for wild life management graduates in oil and gas companies. Look into other industries and forget about oil industries.

If you have any question you can drop it in the comments box.

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