Jobs For Metallurgical Engineering Graduates In Nigeria

Are you looking for the available jobs and careers for metallurgical engineering graduates in Nigeria? If yes, this post is for you, read to the end to learn about the jobs and careers for metallurgical engineering graduates in Nigeria.

The course is a very lucrative engineering course. The degree holders can be employed in most engineering fields that has something to do with metals and materials.

This includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechatronics etc.

Jobs for metallurgical engineering graduates in Nigeria

  • Quality manager
  • Mechanical engineer
  • CAD technician
  • Materials engineer
  • Materials scientist
  • Metallurgist
  • Higher institution lecturer
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Technical engineer
  • Construction engineer
  • Research scientist
  • Material surveyor
  • Welding officer
  • Metal quality manager
  • Project manager
  • Engineer
  • Electrician
  • Mechanic

where can metallurgical engineering graduates work in Nigeria

  • Construction companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Metal smelting companies
  • Aluminium companies
  • Airlines
  • Sealines
  • Car assemblies
  • Logistics companies
  • Secondary schools
  • Universities
  • Building companies
  • Furniture companies
  • Home products manufacturing companies
  • Energy companies
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Mineral exploration companies

Salary of metallurgical engineering companies in Nigeria

The degree holders are well paid in Nigeria. They are employed by big construction, energy and oil companies which have very high salary packages for their employees.

Those working for the government in agencies like ministry of works, ministry of mineral resources and academic institutions also earn high salaries.

The average salary of metallurgical engineering graduates in Nigeria is about 250,000 naira to 300,000 naira per month.

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