Thursday, 17 October 2019

Jobs For Event Planning Graduates In Nigeria 2019

Are you looking for the available jobs and careers for event planning graduates in Nigeria? If yes, this post is for you, read to the end to learn about the jobs and careers for event planning graduates in Nigeria.

Jobs for event planning graduates in Nigeria

  • Event planner
  • Presenter
  • Wedding planner
  • Event space managers
  • Venue managers
  • Donor coordinator
  • Sponsorship coordinator
  • Catering service Manager
  • Event social media coordinator
  • Show promoter
  • Media promoter
  • Staff coordinator
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Marketing manager
  • Communication manager
  • Center agent
  • Venue planner
  • Media planner
  • Technical manager
  • Decoration manager

Where can event planning graduates work in Nigeria

  • Media firms
  • Cultural organizations
  • Hotels
  • Event planning firms
  • Secondary schools
  • Universities
  • NGOs
  • Movie companies
  • TV stations
  • Radio stations
  • Marketing companies
  • Advertising companies
  • Show organizations
  • Conference centers
  • Political parties
  • Religious organization
  • Social clubs
  • SPort clubs
  • Voluntary organizations
  • Financial institutions

Salary of event planning graduates in Nigeria

Event planners earn very high salaries. Majority of the graduates are self employed while others are employed by private companies or firms.

It is difficult for event planners salaries to be determined because they earn based on demand and the demand can not be quantified. The average salary of event planning graduates in Nigeria is about 200,000 naira to 250,000 naira per month. Some people earn over a million monthly.

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