Thursday, 4 July 2019

Jobs For Public Health Graduates In Nigeria

Are you looking for the available jobs and careers for public health graduates in Nigeria? If yes, this post is for you, read to the end to learn about the available jobs and careers for public health graduates in Nigeria.

A public health degree is one of the best degrees you can get now in Nigeria. Most people who could not study public health at undergraduate level go to do it at the masters level so as to tap into the hotcake demand of public health professionals.

Jobs for public health graduates in Nigeria

  • Public health administrator
  • Public health microbiologist
  • Health statistician'
  • Epidemiologist
  • Public health data analyst
  • Public health journalist
  • Regulating coordinator
  • Toxicologist
  • Vaccine researcher
  • Virologist
  • Health social worker
  • HIV specialist
  • Diseases ecologist
  • Community counsellor
  • Behavioral scientist
  • Consumer safety officer
  • Environmental health engineer
  • Child health specialist
  • Higher institution lecturer

Where can public health graduates work in Nigeria

  • Hospitals
  • NGOs
  • Food industries
  • Health research laboratories
  • State ministry of health
  • Federal ministry of health
  • Secondary schools
  • Higher institutions
  • Center for diseases control(CDC)
  • Public health agencies
  • Community health facilities
  • Voluntary organizations

Salary of public health graduates in Nigeria

The graduates earn high salaries per month. At entry level their salaries is not always very high because the government pays according to grades.

The average salary of public health graduates in Nigeria is about 100,000 naira to 150,000 naira per month.