Thursday, 4 July 2019

Jobs For Chemistry Graduates In Nigeria

Are you looking for the available jobs and careers for chemistry graduates in Nigeria? If yes, this post is for you, read to the end to learn about the available jobs and careers for chemistry graduates in Nigeria.

A chemistry degree is one of the degree people underrate a lot her in Nigeria, they believe that if you study chemistry in the university, that you will end up teaching in a secondary school or university.

That is not true, chemistry degree holders have the same career and job opportunities as chemical engineering degree holders. A chemistry graduate can be employed in a lot of companies including oil and gas companies.

Jobs for chemistry graduates in Nigeria

  • Science writer
  • Analytical chemist
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Biotechnologist
  • Patent attorney
  • Chemical engineer
  • Nuclear engineer
  • Health care scientist
  • Management consultant
  • Forensic scientist
  • University lecturer
  • Nanotechnologist
  • Environmental consultant
  • Pharmacologist
  • Toxicologist

Where can chemistry graduates work in Nigeria

  • Secondary schools
  • Chemical companies
  • Agro-chemical companies
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Metallurgical companies
  • Petrochemical companies
  • Science laboratories
  • Research laboratories
  • Toiletries companies
  • Plastic companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Water companies
  • Food industries

Salary of chemistry graduates in Nigeria

The degree holders in Nigeria don't really earn much because most of them work in academic institutions which don't really pay much in general. Some people do get employed in big companies like oil and gas companies and they earn much. The average salary of chemistry graduates in Nigeria is about 150,000 naira to 200,000 naira per month.