List Of Universities In North Korea 2019

In this post you will get the list of all the universities in North Korea. The list of all the universities in North Korea is gotten from various directories of universities and colleges around the world.

The list of universities in North Korea may change

It should be noted that the list of all the universities in North Korea listed below is subjected to change at anytime.

Universities in North Korea

So below is the comprehensive list of all the universities in North Korea:

  • Pyongyang University of Science and Technology
  • Kim Il Sung University
  • Chongjin Metal Mining University
  • Pyongyang University of Architecture and Building Materials
  • Pyongyang University of Music and Dance
  • Pyongyang University of Printing Engineering
  • Pyongyang University of Railways
  • Rajin University of Marine Transport
  • Kim Chaek University of Technology
  • Kim Hyong Jik University of Education
  • Kim Chol Ju University of Education
  • Kim Won Gyun Pyongyang Conservatory
  • Chongjin University of Pedagogy
  • Wonsan Agricultural University
  • Sariwon Pharmaceutical College of Koryo
  • Hamhung University of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • Pyongyang Medical University
  • Hamhung University of Education
  • Institute of Natural Science
  • Hamhung University of Chemical Industry
  • Pyongyang University of Agriculture
  • Chongjin University of Light Industry
  • Huichon University of Telecommunications
  • Koryo Songgyungwan University
  • Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies
  • Chongjin Medical University

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