List Of Universities In Belarus

In this post you will get the list of all the universities in Belarus. The list of all the universities in Belarus is gotten from various directories of universities and colleges around the world.

The list of universities in Belarus may change

It should be noted that the list of all the universities in Belarus listed below is subjected to change at anytime.

Universities in Belarus

So below is the comprehensive list of all the universities in Belarus:
  • Belarusian State University
  • Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno
  • Belarusian National Technical University
  • Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics
  • Belarusian State Economic University
  • Belarusian State Medical University
  • Belarusian State Pedagogical University
  • Belarusian State Technological University
  • Gomel State University
  • Grodno State Medical University
  • Polessky State University
  • Institute of Modern Knowledge
  • Vitebsk State University
  • Belarusian State University of Transport
  • Vitebsk State Medical University
  • Belarusian-Russian University
  • Polotsk State University
  • Brest State Technical University
  • Minsk State Linguistic University
  • Mogilev State University
  • Baranovichi State University
  • Belarusian State Academy of Music
  • Vitebsk State Technological University
  • Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus
  • Gomel State Technical University
  • Brest State University
  • Gomel State Medical University
  • Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University
  • Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Belarusian State Agricultural Academy
  • Grodno State Agrarian University
  • Gomel Engineering Institute
  • Mogilev State University of Food Technologies
  • Minsk Innovation University
  • Mozyr State Pedagogical University
  • Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives
  • Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine
  • Belarusian State University of Physical Culture
  • Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts
  • Institute of Parliamentarism and Private Enterprise
  • Minsk State Higher Radiotechnical College
  • BIP - Institute of Law
  • Belarusian State Academy of Arts
  • Belarusian State Academy of Aviation
  • Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship
  • International Humanities and Economics Institute
  • Higher State College of Communications

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