Uzbekistan Visa Application - Requirements,Cost and Processing Time

To travel to Uzbekistan you need to get an Uzbekistan visa. Getting an Uzbekistan visa is an easy process,all you need to do is to provide all the necessary requirement needed for the visa processing. So in this post you will get to know the necessary Uzbekistan visa requirements and the application process.

To enter Uzbekistan, a passport valid for three months beyond the date of arrival is required by all nationals. One blank page is needed for the visa.

Visas for Uzbekistan are required by all nationals, including transit visas with the exception of nationals from Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, the UK and the USA (who do not need the following documents). Tourists need to provide a copy of a letter of invitation from a tour company in Uzbekistan and must arrange a visa support letter.

The tour company has to submit the support letter directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tashkent before the visa can be approved.

How to apply for a Uzbekistan Visa

Below are the basic tips you need to know when applying for a Uzbekistan visa. All points stated here are very important and shouldn't be overlooked:

When planning your trip, do not make the mistake of thinking your travel agent or the airline you want to use will be able to tell you if you need a Uzbekistan visa or tell you the visa requirements. Make sure you find out for yourself to avoid regrets.

Make sure your passport has at least 4-6 blank pages when applying for a Uzbekistan visa, your visa won't need that many but many of the embassies require at least two blank pages, this is an easy excuse for them to give you a hard time or deny you the visa.

Make sure your passport isn't going to expire soon or less than 6 months when applying for a Uzbekistan visa. The passport's expiration date must be greater than six months from the date of entry for the visa you are applying for. If your passport does not meet the requirements, you must renew it or your visa application will get rejected.

You will need the assistance of a good visa service or agent when applying for a Uzbekistan visa. This can prevent you from making costly mistakes that can make your visa application to be denied. So its advisable you get an assistance when applying for the visa.

You must have good passport size photos when applying for a Uzbekistan visa. This is really recommended and it is one of the most important requirements for a Uzbekistan visa application.

Your must get a flight itinerary when applying for a Uzbekistan visa. You will not be granted a visa if you don't include your flight itinerary.

Application requirements for a Uzbekistan visa

To apply for a Uzbekistan visa you need some documents and other requirements, so below are requirements needed when applying for a Uzbekistan visa.

Valid international passport

Completed visa application form

Two passport size photos

Letter of invitation

Accommodation confirmation. This is very important when applying for a Uzbekistan visa

Health certificate

Police report

Flight booking confirmation

So above are the necessary requirements needed when applying for a Uzbekistan visa.

A personal interview may be required before a visa can be issued. Visitors staying longer than three days must register with the local office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs within three working days. However, most hotels will automatically do this on your behalf. It is sometimes possible to pick up your visa on arrival at Tashkent International Airport, but only if there is no Uzbek embassy in your country of residence. You will need full visa support for this from a travel agent. There is no visa on arrival at any overland border crossings.

All nationals are advised to contact the embassy to check visa requirements for Uzbekistan.

Cost of an Uzbekistan visa

Single-entry visa:£51 (seven days); £59 (15 days); £67 (30 days); £84 (three months); £117 (six months); £151 (one year).

Multiple-entry visa: £67 (one month); £142 (six months); £226 (one year). Group visa: £13 per person plus service charge (15 days); £21 per person plus service charge (30 days). For citizens of the USA, the fee for all types of visa is £134.

Validity of Uzbekistan visas

Tourist visas are normally single-entry/exit and are valid for the duration of your visit. Business visas are multiple-entry, valid for six months in the first instance and extendable.

Those nationals not requiring a letter of invitation can obtain a multiple-entry visa for touristic/business stays of up to one month. Visas should be used within one month of the date of issue.

All applications should be made to the Nearest embassy or consulate.

Processing time for an Uzbekistan visa

Allow 10 working days for visa processing but be aware that visa processing time entirely depends upon the embassy. An express service is available for an additional fee. It is sometimes possible to get a one-time Uzbek visa extension in Uzbekistan, at the OVIR (Department of Foreign Travel office in Tashkent.

If children are travelling with a single parent or third party, they must have documentary evidence of relationship to the person travelling with the child and permission for the child’s travel from the parent or legal guardian not present.

Uzbekistan does not quarantine healthy pets if the owner can produce a valid veterinary certificate. Owners can transport up to two dogs or cats or pet birds, except pigeons. Your pet must be vaccinated for rabies no earlier than 30 days and no more than 12 months before the departure.

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