Study In Norway - Requirements,Cost and Tuition Fees

This is a comprehensive guide on studying in Norway as an international student. This detailed post will give you all the necessary information you will need about studying in Norway as an international student.

 How to apply and study in Norway

It is advisable that you make extra research on studying in Norway as the application process for studying in Norway might change for international students anytime. Below is the step by step procedure on how to apply and study in Norway as an international student:

Take time to search for universities in Norway that suit your budget and interested program.

Request a for application forms from the universities in Norway that you are interested in. You can request for application forms by email or downloading it from the school website.

Send your recommendation letters and academic transcripts to the university or universities in Norway that you are applying to for evaluation.

If granted admission by any university in Norway, pay for your tuition fees and other fees where applicable.

Apply for a visa to study in Norway.

Applying to universities in Norway is fairly straightforward. To be accepted onto a degree program, you must have attained a general university admissions certificate, which you can achieve by completing upper secondary school.

You may instead apply for universities in Norway through the law of 23/5 – you must be above 23 years of age and have 5 years of combined schooling and work experience, and have passed exams in several key subjects .

 Some degrees may also ask for qualifications in specific subjects depending on the degree program. Keep in mind that each course and university will have its own specific admissions requirements.

Some universities may ask for more than one transcripts but most require only one.

 Cost of studying in Norway for international students

The cost of studying in Norway actually depends on the specific school you attend. All the universities and colleges in Norway have different tuition fees.

Fortunately public university education in Norway is from for everybody including international students. As an international student the only fee you will pay is just about US$35-71 per semester for some registrations.

The fee also covered a lot of students privileges such as reduced transportation fare,tickets,gym,sporting facilities etc.
The private universities in charge tuition fees which is even expensive and you will have to pay more for a post-graduate studies. So as an international student,it is better to attend the public universities in Norway and benefit from their free tuition and not pay any tuition fees.

The only thing negative here is that the cost of living in Norway is higher than most other European countries and you will need to budget money for accommodation,feeding,transport,travel etc. The cost of living will also depend on the students way of life and spending habit.

If you want to attend a private university in Norway,there are financial aid options available for you and are usually provided by each of the individual universities.

You can also work as a student in Norway but you need a work permit granted by the government before you can work. This is not necessary for EU students because they are permitted to work without a work permit.

 How to apply for a Norway study visa

 To apply for a Norway student visa you need some documents and other requirements, so below are requirements needed when applying for a Norway study visa.

Valid international passport

Completed visa application form

Two passport size photos

Admission letter from university of choice

Accommodation confirmation. This is very important when applying for a Norway student visa

Bank Statement

Health certificate

Police report

Flight booking confirmation

So above are the necessary requirements needed when applying for a Norway study visa.

Hope this post was helpful

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