Study In India - Requirements,Cost and Tuition Fees

This is a comprehensive guide on studying in India as an international student. This detailed post will give you all the necessary information you will need about studying in India as an international student.

 How to apply and study in India

 It is advisable that you make extra research on studying in India as the application process for studying in India might change for international students anytime. Below is the step by step procedure on how to apply and study in India as an international student:

Take time to search for universities in India that suit your budget and interested program.

Request a for application forms from the universities in India that you are interested in. You can request for application forms by email or downloading it from the school website.

Send your recommendation letters and academic transcripts to the university or universities in India that you are applying to for evaluation.

If granted admission by any university in India, pay for your tuition fees and other fees where applicable.

Apply for a visa to study in India.

To apply for either an undergraduate or postgraduate program in India, you could apply directly to your chosen university via the official website, well in advance of the start date for your course.

Alternatively, undergraduate and postgraduate engineering, architecture or planning students can apply to selected National Institutes of Technology and other centrally funded universities using the Direct Admission of Students Abroad (DASA) scheme, a centralized admissions service for foreign students to apply to more than one Indian university at the same time.

Under this scheme, only students who will be 25 or under at the start of their course are eligible to apply for undergraduate admission; there is no age limit for postgraduate studies.

 Cost of studying in India for international students

The cost of studying in India actually depends on the specific school you attend. All the universities and colleges in India have different tuition fees.

Indian universities have different tuition fees for international students and the tuition fees in each university depends on the course of study. Courses such as medicine and pharmacy are more expensive than other smaller courses.

The tuition fees in India is about US$3,000-6,000 per year for international students. Public universities in India are more expensive than the private universities so international students tend to be more interested in enrolling into the public universities.

The cost of living in India is very cheap and this makes it an advantage for international students. With as little as US$10 you can get a three-course meal in India,and it will be of more advantage to prepare meals by yourself instead of buying from restaurants.

Accommodation in India is also very cheap. As an international student you will be have two options,either to stay in the university hostel accommodation or get a rented apartment outside the campus. The two options are fairly cheap,it all depends on the budget of the student. One-bedroom rented apartments usually cost about US$200 a month. The cost of hostel accommodation depends on the university,so contact the university you want to enroll in to ask about the cost of accommodation.

There are scholarships and other financial aid options for international students who want to study in India. Scholarships in Indian universities are mainly based on merit,so a student has to be very outstanding in order to stand a chance of getting a scholarship in India.

International students can also work part time while studying in India. To be able to work as a foreign student,you need to apply for a work permit so that you would be legally permitted.

 How to apply for an India study visa


To apply for an India student visa you need some documents and other requirements, so below are requirements needed when applying for an India study visa.

 Valid international passport

 Completed visa application form

 Two passport size photos

 Admission letter from university of choice

 Accommodation confirmation. This is very important when applying for an India student visa

 Bank Statement

 Health certificate

 Police report

Flight booking confirmation

So above are the necessary requirements needed when applying for an India study visa.

Hope this post was helpful

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