Croatia Visa Application - Requirements,Cost and Processing Time

To travel to Croatia you need to get a Croatia visa. Getting a Croatia visa is an easy process, all you need to do is to provide all the necessary requirement needed for the visa processing. So in this post you will get to know the necessary Croatia visa requirements and the application process.

Croatia is not a member of the European Union but UK citizens (including children under 16) and citizens from other EU countries need only a valid passport. Holders of non-EU passports should check with the appropriate consulate to see if a visa is required.
The following nationals do not require a visa for entering the Republic of Croatia:
1. Holders of valid Schengen residence permits;
2. Holders of valid Schengen visas arriving on cruise ships sailing out of a port in one of the Schengen states;
3. Nationals ofthe Republic of India and of the People? Republic of China, holders of valid Schengen visas, who collectively and in an organised manner visit the Republic of Croatia as tourists, if in possession of a valid travel health insurance and arriving from the Schengen Area;
4.Nationals of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the State of Qatar, the State of Kuwait, the Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates, holders of valid Schengen visas, if in possession of a valid travel health insurance.
Other nationals require a Visa to enter Croatia.

Validity period of a travel visa is up to one year. Continuous stay or total duration of consecutive stays may not exceed 90 days in the period of 6 months, counting from the date of first entry.

On the basis of a transit visa, an alien may stay in the Republic of Croatia for a period of up to 5 days upon each journey with a validity period up to 6 months.

An airport transit visa is issued for one, two or several transits through the airport international transit area, with validity period of up to 3 months.

Croatia visa. The passport's expiration date must be greater than six months from the date of entry for the visa you are applying for. If your passport does not meet the requirements, you must renew it or your visa application will get rejected.

You will need the assistance of a good visa service or agent when applying for a Croatia visa. This can prevent you from making costly mistakes that can make your visa application to be denied. So its advisable you get an assistance when applying for the visa.

You must have good passport size photos when applying for a Croatia visa. This is really recommended and it is one of the most important requirements for a Croatia visa application.

 Your must get a flight itinerary when applying for a Croatia visa. You will not be granted a visa if you don't include your flight itinerary.

Application requirements for a Croatia visa

To apply for a Croatia visa you need some documents and other requirements, so below are requirements needed when applying for a Croatia visa.

Valid international passport

Completed visa application form

Two passport size photos

Letter of invitation

Accommodation confirmation. This is very important when applying for a Croatia visa

Health certificate

Police report

Flight booking confirmation

So above are the necessary requirements needed when applying for a Croatia visa.

Cost of a Croatia visa

Airport-transit Visa 36 EUR (51 USD);
Transit Visa 36 EUR, (51 USD);
Travel Visa 36 EUR, (51 USD);
Travel or Transit Visa in a common travel document 36 EUR + 1 EUR per person (51 USD + 1 USD per person)
In case of urgent issuance of visa when the application has been submitted, without justification, three or less days prior to the intended journey 71 EUR (103 USD).

Following categories of persons are exempted from visa application fees:
- Members of immediate family of a Croatian national (spouse and children),
- Children under the age of six,
- Holders of diplomatic and official passports traveling officially.

This information is gotten from Croatia immigration page. Contact the closest Croatia embassy available for more detailed information and updates.

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