Which is better between European and Caribbean medical schools?

Europe is a better place to study medicine to the Caribbean. The reason why many students choose to study medicine in the Caribbean is because they could not get into American medical schools and they still want to practice in America.

Caribbean medical schools are of low standards compared to European medical schools and also Caribbean medical schools are more expensive compared to European medical schools. So why spend more money on a low standard medical school when you can get a very good medical education in Europe.

Also know that you can practice in the United States even if you study in Europe, all you need is to write and pass the usmle steps exams and that is all.

And you also have to know that Caribbean universities are the lowest ranked medical universities around the world.

Before you decide on studying medicine in the Caribbean, you have to research about the school you are about applying to if it is fully accredited because most Caribbean universities are not even accredited.

To round it up you just have to know that European medical schools are far better than Caribbean medical schools and I won't advice anybody to choose Caribbean medical schools.

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