How much do youtubers really make from YouTube?

How much do youtubers make ? This question has been asked over a million times and I will give my own answer rich here. YouTube is the second largest is search engine after google and it is based entirely on video contents. YouTube has given an opportunity for people to earn money by publishing video contents on their platform , and I can say that this opportunity has changed the lives of a lot of people around the world.
So how much can someone actually make on YouTube? You can make over a million dollars and you can also not make anything at all. There are a lot of people that have become millionaires via YouTube.
How much you can make on YouTube depends on a lot of factors. The major factor is the region where your video views comes from. A video with 1 million views from USA makes more money than a video with 50 million views from Congo. So to make more money , your video traffic should come from developed countries because that is where most people and companies target their advertisements to.
You can make as much money on YouTube as you want. It all depends on how hard you will work towards achieving that.

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