6 Best Books To Study With For The CFA Exam

Chartered financial accounting is one of the most lucrative courses and high paying career but to road to become one is not very easy. One of the things that make becoming a chartered financial analyst difficult is the CFA exam. To pass the CFA exam you will need to study very hard with the right resources and books. The CFA exam is divided into three levels and this is what will determine if you will become a practicing financial account analyst.

To pass the CFA exam you need to use the best CFA books when studying, in this post we have listed the best CFA study books to use.

This listing is based on reviews by students who passed the exam.

Best CFA study books

1. Level 1 CFA Study Guide

This is the best CFA study book. This book is proven to help candidates understand, retain and master the CFA program curriculum. The book has a color coding feature which makes it easier for you to follow cases and examples that make reference to graphs and sets of financial statements. This is a very good book to use for the CFA exam study.

2. Schweser Notes

These are the second best CFA study books. These books are key components to a successful CFA exam study program. The basic study guide package combines candidates favorite study tool with three full length practice exams and the go anywhere quick-sheet.

3. 11th Hour Guide Level 1 CFA

This guide compacts all sixty readings tested on the recent CFA exam into one portable volume. Organized in order from reading #1 to #60,this best selling guide has helped thousands of candidates around the world to pass the CFA exam.

4. CFA Confidential

This book is a must read for CFA candidates who are considering pursuing the CFA designation. This book contains all that is required to pass all three exams in addition to a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum. More than anything, the real gem in the book is the discussion of what to do and how to keep yourself motivated if you fail the exam.

5.  300 Hours CFA Exam Insight

This book will show you crucial areas beyond the CFA syllabus that are often overlooked by candidates. Using thousands of hard candidate data over multiple years, you will learn how best focus your efforts for the best results in the exam.

6. Direct Path to the CFA Charter

This is not an ordinary how to manual for CFA candidates. This book is packed with real strategies that get real results. With actionable take away sample study schedule and unique tips for every CFA level, this book is for serious candidates who not only wants to understand CFA program, but succeed in it.

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These are the best CFA study books and guides to use for maximum success in your CFA exam. If you find other books really helpful apart from the ones mentioned in these post, then don't hesitate to use them. Above all, you need to study and work really hard in order to succeed in your CFA exam.


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