The 10 Best ACT Prep Books To Study With

To have a very good ACT exam score you need to prepare very well using the best ACT prep books and materials. In this post we have compiled the list of the best ACT prep books to use to use in preparing for the test.

Best ACT prep books

1. Kaplan ACT Premier

This is the best ACT prep book. This book provides proven test taking strategies, realistic practice tests, in-debt guided practice questions, video tutorials and access to an online center so that you can score higher on the ACT exam.

2. The Real ACT Prep Guide

This is the second best ACT prep book. This book gives you the information, strategies you need in order to prepare for the ACT exam. The book contains five actual ACT test forms.

3. Mc Graw Hills ACT

This is the third best ACT prep book. It is a complete all in one prep test guide for the ACT exam.
4. Act for Dummies

This book helps you access where you need more help, it gets you up to speed on questions you are expected to encounter on the actual ACT exam. The book will have you studying your way to test taking perfection before the exam day.

5. 1460 ACT Practice Questions

This book lets you familiarize with the exam. It contains drills, full length tests and detailed answers and explanations to help you understand most tricky questions.

6. The ACT for Bad Test Takers

This book is specifically written for students who are frustrated with their performance on the ACT exam. If you are not a good test taker and you believe that your ACT score is far below a fair representation of your ability, then this book will show you how to improve.

7. Math and Science Workout for the ACT

This is the 7th best prep book for the ACT exam. The book is designed for students specially looking to sharpen their quantitative skills.

8. Mc Graw Hill Education 10 Practice Test

This is the 8th best ACT prep book. This book helps you gauge what the test measures. The book also provides you with intense ACT practice to help your scores improve from each test to the next.
9. Barron's ACT 36 with CD-ROM

This is the next best ACT prep book on the list. Any student who want to get  a very high or perfect score on ACT exam should get this book. It contains special tips for boosting your score. It also contains instructions on how to read effectively and retentively and also detailed advice on writing winning essays.

10. Cracking the ACT Premium

This is the last on the list. This book is one of the best ACT prep books you can use. This book has everything you need to get a high ACT score, it contains complete coverage of all test topics. It also contains thorough review of the skills necessary to help you ace all the ACT sections.

In summary, above are the best ACT test study materials, remember to also use other study materials that you feel are useful to you. Hope this post helps.

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