How To Register For The USMLE Exams (Complete Guide)

At the end of the second year in medical school almost every student always want to write the USMLE step 1 exams,so in this post you will learn the exact step by step on how to register for any USMLE exams you want to write.

1. Requirements
The first thing you need to do before applying for the USMLE exams is to check the requirements and eligibility in writing the exams. You can check them here. Requirements

2. Check if your medical school is listed on IMED
You have to check if your medical school is listed on IMED,if your medical school is not on the list then you have to contact your school authority as soon as possible so that they can do something about it. To check if your school is on the list check them here .

3. Obtain your USMLE ID
The next thing you are to do is to obtain your USMLE ID or ECFMG ID  which is also known as USMLE identification number. You can get that here .

You will need to enter your information such as:

When you get your USMLE ID,it is yours for life and don't misplace it.

4. Apply for IWN
The next step to take is to apply for IWN and you have to use your ECFMG ID and password. To do that visit here .

* You must have a fast and continous internet access.
* You must have a printer with you with a lot of papers intact.

5. About the forms
You will come across different forms in the application process and these are what the forms represent.
*Form 344 is a checklist of the documents you have to attach.
*Form 345 is medical school release request.
*Form 183 or 186. These forms should be signed by your medical official or a notary.
Click here to know more information about the forms .

6. Documents Needed

You will also send these documents while sending the forms:
* Two passport sized photographs
* Medical school diploma
Note that if you have transferred credits,some other documents may also be needed.

7. Sending of the forms and documents
After fiiling all thee documents and forms,send them to the ECFMG Philadelphia office. ( You will get the address during the online application.)

After sending all the forms and documents,ECFMG will mail you telling you that your applicaation has been received and that they will send your documents to your school for verification in which they will also request for your medical school transcripts.

8. ECFMG to medical school forms
 These are forms in which no student have access to,it is only the ECFMG that have access to these forms and they are the ones that will end them to your school.
*They will send your medical school diploma in which you sent to them so that your school can verify it.
*They will also end a copy of form 345 to your school to tell your school that you allowed them to ask about you.
*They will also send a form called verification of medical education,the questions in these forms include:
-If there where any disciplinary probation you had or currently have.
-What degree was awarded if you graduated from the school.
-Any limitation or special requirement by you.
-If there are any negative reports about you in the school.
-If you any professional misconduct during your school years.
-Number of weeks in medical education you conducted.

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9. Medical school response to ECFMG
Your medical school are required to send these forms and should also send your transcripts.

The last steps may take a very long time but it can also take few days if your school participates in the your school participates in the ECFMG medical school web portal.

After waiting for the last two steps above to finish,you should now check your exams status on OASIS using your ECFMG ID and password. check your status here .

After you login,check on the left side panel and click on medical education credentials and standard ECFMG certificate,and if you are verified,you will see medical education credentials received and verified.

10. Applying
Once you have gotten a verified,you can apply for any USMLE exams you want to write using IWA or OASIS.
At these point you have to pay the fees for the exams. You can check the current fee requirements here  .

Note that you are applying for exams period not exams date. The eligibility period for all USMLE exams is 3-6 months except of CS which is 12 months.

11. Get your scheduling permit
When you finish applying online,you will get a scheduling permit with confirmation number and exams registration date in which you have to print all these and carry them to the exams.

12. Choosing exams date
After you have received a confirmation email from ECFMG for your application status,you can then go to the prometric website to choose your exams date. This is the prometric website link

Just know that the processing time always vary for different students and it also depends how fast your medical school responds ECFMG.

When filling the forms be very careful because it might be difficult to correct any mistake after submission.

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