Do I Really Need A Job Offer To Get a Work Permit In The US

People frequently ask if they need a job offer in order to get a work permit in the US. In some cases you don,t actually need a job offer to get a work permit.

Here are the situation you will need a job offer in order to get a work permit. In most cases if you are applying for a work visa to Canada or the united states,you need a job offer first,you need a company that is willing to commit to you to sponsor you and offer you are job,then after that if the company is willing,a form will have to be filled out and application has to submitted to the government to get you are work permit.

It is usually a two step process where the company first has to get approved for the job offer and then step two is that applicant has to go and apply for the work permit.

In most cases,a job offer is the first thing. However,having said that there are some circumstances where a job offer is not necessarily required for example if you are a business person and you wish to start your own business,you could potentially apply for a work visa on that basis.

 In America we call that an E-2 visa,in Canada it is a different type of visa but essentially there are circumstances where if you are interested in investing in your own business and starting a new business you can actually get a work visa without having a job offer from a separate company.

In addition if you are a spouse of work permit holder,you can apply for what is called an open work permit which means that you don't need a job offer from a company.

If you wish to expand your business from your home country into the united states or Canada,and we will call that an inter-company transfer,that is a circumstance where you could not necessarily get a formal job offer or you don't need a formal job offer from a company.

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So you have seen that there are circumstances where you don't need a job offer in order to get a work permit but every case is different but in most cases you gonna have to really explore your options or consult with immigration consultants before you make such an application.

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