Common Questions Asked During A US Student Visa Interview

In this article you will know the common questions asked during a US visa interview and how to effectively answer them. 

For the US visa,the documentation you carry with you in the interview would actually be your family income tax papers,your bank statements,proof of investment and any document to show that you have strong ties with your home country.

But of course,there is a very good possibility that none of the documents are going to be checked and nobody might even ask for them. The true way in which you will get your US visa will be through your confidence,is through how you answer your questions. Some of the questions asked are:

. Why are you choosing a particular program
. Why are you choosing a particular university

You have to be certain that there are strong reasons and strong factors why you have chosen a particular university and that the question could be about your finances because the visa officers will like to know how you plan to fund your education,you should have a clear cut plan and know exactly who is paying for the education.

You should have very strong reasons to come back home,which means you have to know what you plan to do after you complete your education.

You may be asked about your academic record,this officers are interested in knowing how good a student you are,they may want to see your transcripts ,they may want to know what your SAT scores are.

You may be asked your plans after graduation,and you may be also asked for proof that you will go back to your home country after studying.

If you answer these questions with honesty and straight forward attitude and with full confidence,you will have no problem in getting your US student visa.

Some Tough Questions Also Asked

A very tricky question could be "What do you plan to do after graduation" . Many students actually want to work in the united states and to say that during the visa interview,students may feel that it is very risky but i will advice students to honest,tell the visa officer that you would want to work in the United States for sometime if you have the opportunity. 

Just be honest. Because if you are a good student and you get a good job and you are legally staying in the United States,it will not harm your visa chances.

A common problem that student face is that if they try to say things that are not true and it sounds fake,that can lead to a visa denial. So no matter how the question is,answer it with honesty and you should get your visa.

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In conclusion,before the interview day get a good night rest,go with full confidence,don't think that this is the end of the world. If you visa application get denied,don't get too depressed,you can apply again many times,there is no limit at all for you to apply. 

If you are a novice or unsure of your self,these will reflect in your interview and this eventually may be the reason why you did not get the visa. So just treat it like a normal interview,talk to the visa officer,just talk to them as if you are talking to a friend and explain to them why you really want to go and study in the United States.

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