The Best Books To Study With For The GMAT Exam

To pas the GMAT exam,you need to study hard using the best GMAT prep books. In this post we have listed the best GMAT prep books based on reviews by graduates who passed the exam.

Best GMAT prep books

1. The Official Guide to the GMAT Review

This book is the best GMAT prep book. This book is the very best place to start your GMAT preparation other than the free GMAT prep software because the questions in this book are written by the test maker and use actual refined GMAT questions. Don't waste your time and money practicing questions made by other companies,these are merely inferior limitations of the real thing. If you must use other materials for test strategy,then that is fine and in most cases necessary but try your best to stick to official questions whenever possible.

2. Manhattan GMAT Complete Strategy Guide

This is one of the best GMAT prep books. If you are just starting out with GMAT prep then you need this guide. This boo does not emphasize on tricks and ways to a 700+ score,instead they methodically cover areas tested and should be pretty much all you need.

3. Veritas Prep  Complete GMAT Course Set

This is also a very good GMAT prep material. With the purchase of this GMAT study guide,you will get access to more than 1000 practice questions and an online portal of resources to help you with your preparation.

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4. GMAT Premium With 6 Practice Tests

If you are new to the GMAT and looking for a quicker prep plan,kaplan premier is a god book to work with. It provides a good intro to the test,it explains the mechanics,basic principles,and gets you familiar with the test structure etc,it also has solid strategies that you can use regardless of your level and finally it comes with 5 adaptive tests. This book does an excellent job of explaining the tests.

5. GMAT Road Map

This book provides with the definitive blueprints for students to follow as they get ready for the GMAT exam. Success of the GMAT requires more than content knowledge,it requires excellent strategy and proper execution of this strategies. The guide help students map out their studying,stick to their game plan and manage test anxiety on the GMAT itself.

6. The Power Score GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible

This book will teach you how to break down GMAT augmentation,how to recognize GMAT question types and how to how to separate correct answers from incorrect answers. You will improve your accuracy in answering questions and your speed as well. If you are shooting for the highest score possible then this book is definitely for you.

7. Total GMAT Math

If you want to prepare for the GMAT quantitative section with only one resource then use this book. This book contains hundreds of pages of tutorials explaining every single type of question you are likely to see on the exam,not only that,each one of over forty sections is followed by a drill section with exercises to ensure that you understand the content. There are over 500 exercises in the book. Best of all each section is also accompanied by several realistic GMAT practice problems.

8. GMAT Advanced Quant

This book is designed for students seeking top GMAT scores. It offers essential techniques for the GMAT most difficult maths problems. This book focuses on building your high level quantitative skills by combining elite techniques of problem solving with intense practice.


These are the best GMAT prep books. If you find any other prep book that is useful to you the use it. Above all,to succeed in the GMAT exam,you need to study very hard.

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